A New Day, A New Theme

Today is the first official day of autumn, which is as good a day to rollout a new blog theme as any in my book… and it really is a beautiful one here today at the AddThis HQ here in Virginia.

So why a new theme?

The main reason behind sitting down and designing/coding up a new addthis blog theme is that we really wanted our blog to be a little more cohesive with our main site design—namely, the main site navigation that slides in on the right when you click on the “hamburger” menu icon.

A few other things we’ve either been asked about online or around the office was how Search was a little hidden on the previous design, as well as the blog categories… so we added the side-rail, and brought the more blog standard practice of displaying the search/categories back.

So what’s next?

Well, funny you should ask… we’ve been hard at work for the last couple weeks on an updated dashboard design, which addresses quite a few design related issues and we’re working hard on getting it released in the next couple weeks—so stay tuned!