How To Use Our Welcome Bar To Get Great Results

As we continue to stress the importance of using conversion tools, we wanted to talk about the benefits of using the Welcome Bar. We recently used it to promote a webinar we were hosting in August and we saw a significant surge in registrations.

The benefits of using the Welcome Bar is the consistent manner of its placement, always present on the top of your page, which allows for you to continually promote an event, ask for email addresses, or multiple other kinds of actions to appeal to all visitors.

We find that using the Welcome Bar tool works best if you have side navigation options or a taller top navigation, and a hero image. It works well when your message is concise and to the point (“Register for our webinar today” or “Subscribe to get our weekly newsletter”) so that the message can look great on mobile, too.

We plan on using our Welcome Bar moving forward and will be sharing the results and tips on best usage. But how will you be using it? We’d love to hear from you on your results and feedback!