Back to School: What’s Hot (And Not) in 2014 [Infographic]


We told you Back to School content was hot. Hopefully you jumped on the bandwagon and promoted relevant content on your site. Now that school’s in session, people are still looking for good deals and sharing them. If this is your audience, this infographic will give you some tips on what content to publish based on what’s been trending.

We pulled data from July 15th through September 15th to find out what was trending in the world of back to schoolers and their parents. What were they searching for, how were they searching and which brands were the most popular for 2014. Here are the results.


We certainly have a lot of savvy back to school shoppers this year! The top searched keywords centered around back to school prep, like choosing the right outfit, preparing for that big first day and how to potentially save some money on back to school shopping.

  • Outfits/clothes
  • Books/school supplies
  • Bulletin board ideas/lesson plans
  • Lunch ideas
  • Giveaway/promotion
  • Tax free weekend/spending

Mobile vs. Desktop

There was a slight increase in desktop vs. mobile as the primary means to find and share back to school content this year. Based on the results, many parents and students were looking for deals, which meant they were probably in research mode. Desktop makes sense in this case, but year over year, we’re starting to see mobile take the lead.


Facebook was the place to be to share back to school content, followed by Twitter, email and lastly Pinterest. As mentioned above, people were looking for deals, and more than likely, sharing them when they found them. We know that Facebook is a great way to enter a promotional contest through sharing, or let your group of friends know about a good deal you’ve found.


And just where most back to schoolers heading for good deals and great duds this year? Not surprisingly, to large retail chains who run back to school promotions centered around clothing and school supplies. For our savvy shoppers, a one-stop-shop mentality often times saves them time and money.

The takeaways from this year’s research were that users are looking for good deals and are willing to share them when they find them. You can benefit from that by offering a percent off in exchange for an email address or a social share. Using conversion tools, like the Welcome Bar and the Conversion Lightbox, are two simple and effective ways to get in front of not only back to school shoppers, but upcoming holiday shoppers as well.