6 Project Management Tools We Use at AddThis

That’s me on the left!

We’re always striving for perfection. Not just while we’re creating awesome and innovative tools for our users, but also in how we work together and communicate as a company. We’ve used a lot of great tools in the past—some were pretty awesome, while others not so much. But overall, we learned communication is key—especially when we have colleagues stretched out across the country. Here are some of the tools we’re using to help keep our whole team connected and organized.

1. Google Docs

We use Google Docs to set our priorities and keep track of our road maps. It’s simple and efficient. Multiple people can view and edit a doc without having to save and send files to all team members. (We’re all familiar with the joys of version control.) Here’s an intro video on how to use Google docs.

2. Slack

We recently started using Slack, and so far, so good. It’s a great platform for work-related communication as well as non-work related stuff. We organize our communications by channels (e.g. topics) and each team member can join whichever ones they want. Slack even helps us stay connected when we’re offline.

3. BlueJeans

Virtual meetings are a must in any company. We’ve tried a few vendors, and so far, we’re liking BlueJeans’ simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Each of our conference rooms has a designated BlueJeans URL, as well as every employee, so scheduling meetings ahead of time or last-minute are never a hassle. Speaking of hassle-free meetings, our company culture has us always thinking on how to make meetings more productive in the least amount of time. When you put your mind to it, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done in 30-minute meetings versus 60-minutes ones.

4. Dropbox

Like most companies, we have an extremely creative and diverse design team so it’s important to share assets and guidelines with each other efficiently. Dropbox is a well-known option for storing and sharing large files without clogging up an email system or take forever to download. Our files are all in one place, and to keep things even more organized, we make the habit of uploading all of our design assets as soon as we’re done creating them.

5. Trello

Trello is our handy “multi-tool” in our project management toolbox. We had been using it primarily to manage campaigns and host meeting agendas, but in effort to use less tools while getting the most of the ones we have, we also use employee goal-setting and review process. It’s easy to use and very utilitarian.

6. The Game Room

Ok, this isn’t a real online tool but it’s one we use frequently. A big part of our culture is involving break times (and games) during the day to help refresh the brain cells. Many of us can attest to how much this helps bring energy and focus when we head back to our desks. Some of us play a quick game of foosball, ping pong, or even card games.


These are some of the ways we keep ourselves organized and focused for our products. But now it’s your turn: do you use any of these tools or different ones to keep your projects in order?