Blog About Costumes for Higher Engagement on Halloween


The Halloween decorations in our office are one indication that the holiday is just around the corner, and the 450% increase in engagement with Halloween content since October 1 proves that the digital space is also in the Halloween spirit. With that increase in engagement, we found that users can’t resist sharing costumes, and Pinterest and Print are popular services for sharing content. Check out what else we’re seeing!

Costumes are Shared, Events are Clicked

When looking at the clicked and shared content, we found a difference in the type of Halloween content that users are likely to share versus click. Halloween engagers are sharing all things costumes, including kids’ costumes, maternity costumes, and homemade costumes.

On the other hand, people are clicking content about Halloween events in their area and on TV to get them in the spooky spirit of Halloween. Lists of events in a city, haunted houses, and TV specials drive users to click on Halloween content. Halloween isn’t just about trick-or-treating and costume parties on October 31st. The popular clicked content proves that engagers plan on doing more this season than just dressing up.

Clicked and Shared Content is Still Growing

We’re seeing an up-and-to-the-right trend for both clicks and shares of Halloween content since October 1st, and we expect that to keep increasing through the end of the month. While costumes and events were the top clicked and shared pieces of content, there are plenty of ways to make Halloween relevant to your brand. Whether it’s recipes, candy ideas, music, movies, or crafts, think of a way your brand relates to Halloween and engage this growing seasonal audience.


Make Your Content Pinnable and Printable

In many cases, we see Facebook and Twitter as the top networks content is being shared to, but the trend’s different for Halloween.

Print and Pinterest are the second and third sharing services, which means––you guessed it––people are pinning awesome pictures and printing great Halloween party and costume ideas. The real way to engage with your audience this season is to hop on the Halloween train, add sweet-looking photos to your pages, and making sure they’re printer-friendly.


And it doesn’t hurt to try hosting a contest to engage your audience even more. ;)

What are your website plans for this Halloween?