Introducing Sharing to Flipboard


We’re excited to introduce the latest sharing destination for our AddThis sharing tools: Flipboard.

By sharing to Flipboard, you’re putting that page in a Flipboard Magazine. The magazines are collections of online articles that publishers, influencers and Flipboard users find especially interesting. When in Flipboard, you opt to follow different users and their specific magazines.

Now, when a visitor clicks the AddThis icon from the their sharing tools, sharing to Flipboard is one of the options that they can select from. If you’re an avid Flipboard sharer, then you’ll see it as one of your personalized sharing button options when you visit any site using AddThis sharing tools.

Flipboard sharing is immediately available to all of our 14 million members and their websites, so go check it out! Try sharing this page to Flipboard by using the sharing buttons on the left-hand side.