5 Ways to Make Your Donation Pages Better for Year-End Giving


We’re almost in the middle of November, which means you’re in the middle of your year-end giving campaign. You might be thinking, “It’s a little too late for a site overhaul!” And you’re right, but it’s never too late to tweak your site if it means you’ll possibly get more donations before the 2014 year ends. I promise these tips are easy tweaks to help get you more donations.

1. Flaunt that Donate Button Shamelessly

Your donate button should always be present for the moment your visitor decides they want to give. Consider placing it up high in your nav, and again in the middle and/or bottom of your pages. There are ways you can design it to not be intrusive.

The reason you should consider placing donation buttons in more than one place is due to some findings in our data. We’ve seen website visitors make the decision to take an action (i.e. click) in different points of the page. They may be halfway through an article when they want to share it, or they may not scroll at all if they already know what they’re looking for. This is why you want your donation buttons in the right places.

2. Update Your “About Us” Copy

Many, if not most, nonprofits get one-time donors who show up at their door to donate during this time of year. These are folks looking to get some of that tax donation dollars out the door, but haven’t had the time (or interest) to develop a relationship with a nonprofit. This is where your About Us page comes into play.

For that one-time donor, your About Us page is what could make or break the deal with you. Between little or vague information, or even too much copy, you can lose that donor in a snap. Layout your About Us page with clear and concise copy that talks about your mission, successes, and where you need the most help. Make your visitor feel special and empowered to make a difference with their donation—no matter the size, they’re all VIPs to you. Use H3 tags to break out your copy into easily scannable sections.

3. Make Your Pages Sharable

Not only do you want to add sharing buttons to all your pages, you’ll want to make sure the content within those pages is sharable. That includes having metatags in place so your pages look great when shared to social, and having content within those pages your visitors will want to share. There are tons of great and cheap stock images you can use to capture your visitors’ eye.

Also think about adding sharing buttons to your donation confirmation pages. If you’ve succeeded in getting a donation, your visitor will no doubt be feeling great about it. So give them the opportunity to share a page to their network to encourage their friends to donate to your year-end giving campaign, too.

4. Keep in Touch With Your Donors

This influx of new visitors to your site may be your only chance to engage them. Offer them different ways to keep in touch with you throughout the next 11 months. Use tools like a Welcome Bar that invites them to Like/Follow on social media, as well as a conversion tool to collect their email address to stay up to date.

5. Plan for A/B Testing in 2015

The best way for you to know exactly what designs and copy works best with your audience if by testing it on your website first. A/B testing doesn’t have to be hard, so that should be reason enough for you to plan on it in Q1.

Any other ideas you’d add to this list?