Top Thanksgiving Recipes, Crafts, and Events Shared Online


Most everyone’s busy getting ready for hosting (or attending) a Thanksgiving dinner, and as always, they’re using the Web to find and share ideas. From November 1st through 13th, we saw tons of people printing online content, and as expected, sharing pie recipes. Two secret ingredients to their virality: they are all printer-friendly and have share buttons. Read on to see what those delicious recipes are!

Top Recipe: Pumpkin Pie

This is no surprise to the Thanksgiving food fan. Pumpkin Pie recipes are being shared all over, and show a variety of takes on this classic. There are popular recipes for every skill level, including a no-bake pie, a pie from a real pumpkin instead of canned, and a version with rum whipped cream.

If you’re curious about how different pie recipes stacked up, we couldn’t think of a better way to show you than with a pie chart (pun intended):


Pinterest was the go-to place to share apple and sweet potato pie recipes. Pecan pie was shared most to Facebook, and pumpkin pie recipes were printed.

And get ready to drool. Just a Pinch blog had a couple recipes go viral earlier this month. People were raving about the Twice-Baked Pumpkin Sweet Potatoes and the Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing recipes.

We’re pretty sure one of the reasons these posts were so popular is because: A) they have social sharing buttons (a-hem) to encourage visitors to promote their content, and B) all of these pages were formatted to be printer-friendly—like recipe cards. Both are key ingredients to online virality during this season.

Top Kids Activity: Stuffed Turkeys

Of course the kiddos are going to need some entertaining during the festivity. Classy Clutter had a great (and popular) roundup of 15 Thanksgiving Kids Crafts that was popular among our network. Fiskars had the next most popular kids craft idea: Stuffed Turkey. Aside from being popularly shared, both of these pages were great sources of trendy and innovative crafts that many in our network were printing out as well.

Top DIY: Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Country Woman’s ridiculously cute idea was one of the most popular DIY posts being shared across our network. Their page is formatted for easy printing and sharing, which is ideal for the Thanksgiving host/hostess needing quick-and-easy solutions for the big dinner.

With lots of popular DIY content going around this year, we saw more Thanksgiving content being printed than at this time last year. If your audience is crafty, make sure your content is printable and includes easy-to-follow instructions, like these Thanksgiving utensil holders.


Top Events: Macy’s Day Parade

Although the Macy’s Day Parade is “the” big traditional event generations have been looking forward to, CBS’ coverage of the balloons making their appearance ahead of the parade shows the general public’s excitement to see what will be featured this year.

Black Friday shopping is also another fan favorite, and our network was actively reading up on what the big retail stores were planning on doing this year. If you’re a news site, you’ll want to try generating some content around these two topics to get in on the trend.

Thanksgiving is only 11 days away (who’s counting?) and it’s not too late to get great content out there in a sharable and printer-friendly format. What kinds of recipes and DIY crafts are you posting about?