AddThis Website Tools: 2014 Year in Review


We worked hard this year to deliver the best tools the Internet has to offer while maintaining our commitment to a simple experience for our users, and a personalized web for their visitors. We released a ton of new features and widgets, as well as a change in our company mission. Let’s take a look.

AddThis Goes Pro

We released AddThis Pro at the start of 2014, our paid product which allowed publishers to easily enable, disable, and change the look and feel of their AddThis tools without ever needing to update their website’s code.

Pro was initially released with only six tools, but with the great feedback we received from you—our users—we quickly added on 18 more, including many Pro-exclusive content recommendation tools like the Jumbo Recommended Content Footer and our series of inline content units.

Content recommendation widgets proved to be a powerful way websites keep visitors on their page longer by providing them with suggestions of what to read next, based on the kinds of things they have read before. In fact, many website owners told us how happy they were to see a reduction in their bounce rate by using content recommendation widgets.

We wanted to empower our entire publisher base with the same tricks-of-the-trade that the big boys in publishing use to increase engagement, so we released six different content recommendation widgets this year.

Pro For All

Speaking of empowering our users, this summer we made the new dashboard free for all users. Everyone with an AddThis account—free or paid—is able to view their analytics in our sleek design and manage their tools without changing their code.

This is one of our publishers’ biggest wins this year! Who doesn’t want analytics you can view on your phone? We also brought AddThis Pro to WordPress with a revamped plugin that gives you access to our latest features.

Conversion’s the Name of the Game

Aside from keeping visitors on your website longer, we understood that a bigger challenge is getting them to convert. Whether that’s signing up for your newsletter or buying something from your store, conversion is the name of the game for many of our website owners.

My team worked hard to release two conversion-centric products: the Marketing Overlay (for Pros) and an upgraded Welcome Bar (available for free). These two widgets give publishers the power to drive mailing list sign-ups or even sales at any given moment. And best of all, your messages can be targeted to a specific audience based on their interests. AddThis Audience Targeting was the culmination of our year’s work.

New Mission for the New Year

What dictates the direction of our product is its usefulness in helping you overcome the challenges you face in growing your website and business. Our CEO, Richard Harris, recently announced our new company mission: make the open web personal, which means our products are leveraging our 14 million-site network to help you, the small- to mid-size website publisher, achieve whatever goals you’re setting.

Those are the biggest highlights of our products this year! I’d love to hear from you. Any products you liked from this years’ releases? Others you’d like to see down the line?