Best Times to Post on Social Media During Christmas Season: British Edition


After releasing our post about peak engagement with different sharing services earlier this month, we got major interest from our readership in the UK requesting a version specific to this part of the world. As an early Boxing Day present, we’re happy to comply!

We looked at the same time period, November 17th through December 7th, and adjusted the data to Greenwich Mean Time. While the first report showed global publishers how to best adjust for maximum exposure through sharing, this version narrows the field to Great Britain-based activity, to help sites focus better on this audience.

Tuesday’s the Day to Share

Clearly, Tuesday is the big winner for sharing activity. Tuesday received more shares than any other day for these four services combined, and included the top hours for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest content sharing.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be acting as tools of procrastination, receiving peak shares in the middle of a workday morning. Meanwhile, curating a Pinterest board appears to be more of a way to unwind in the evening, receiving peak shares between 9 and 10PM on Tuesdays.

And weekends?

Well, if you have to post content over the weekends, consider that Saturdays and Sundays only get about two-thirds as much daily sharing as the weekdays, so the content needs to be compelling and it needs to be suited for the service on which it is likely to be shared.

LinkedIn has the highest weekend drop-off, receiving under a third of the daily sharing volume as it would on a weekday, but Pinterest has the highest retention, receiving 88% of the shares it would on a weekday. In addition, sharing is happening later in the day. The peak hour for Saturday sharing is between 9 and 10PM, while Sunday is just a bit earlier, at 8-9PM.

Happy content creation! Here’s to big shares and a happy new year!