The Super Bowl is Coming! Weave It Into Your Content Marketing.

Now that we’re entering the final week of playoffs to determine who’s going to the Super Bowl, most people are starting to generate buzz around not just the two teams that will be playing but also the commercials and the half time show that usually entertain the rest of American’s who do not support or care about Football. And since last years Super Bowl was the most-viewed television broadcast of any kind in American history, with 112.2 million viewers, it certainly lends itself to the kind of content you want to focus on and get your visitors to engage with. But how, you ask? Here are 4 types of content that you can share around the Superbowl even if you have NO idea who’s playing!

1. Recipes/Entertaining

So if you’re like most people, you might be either attending a Super Bowl party or hosting one of your own. Even if you don’t like the game, there is no reason you can’t write about great recipes, decor ideas or even games that you can play during the game (pass the pepper is my favorite). Use sites like Pinterest to find cute and unique ideas then share how you will be using those for your own party!

2. Travel

This years Super Bowl is in Arizona – and a LOT of people will be attending the game. Give tips on what to do in the area pre and post game. What are some great restaurants to check out, awesome sites they must see, great places to stay? Even if they are local to the area and aren’t going to the game – where should they watch the game? What bars or restaurants are having viewing parties? Do some research and share this information out because people WILL be searching for it!

3. Celebrity/Media

Since Janet Jackson so infamously stole the show a few years ago, the halftime show has become a must watch event. Katy Perry is the chosen one this year and she has already started to whisper about surprise guests (think Lenny Kravitz). Make a poll for your audience giving potential scenarios or additional guests that might show. Or did your visitors like it or hate it? Those are simple ways to engage with visitors but even just critiquing the show or guessing more about what her set will be is enough to get some traffic your way.

4. Health

Watching some seriously fit football players run around might just be motivation for some of us to kick it up a notch when it comes to working out. Share some tips for easy workouts to do at home, or research and find out what some of the players favorite workouts or pre-game healthy meals are. After eating meatballs and pigs in a blankets for 4 hours, most of us will be hankering for some healthy eats!

Winning the content Super Bowl isn’t that hard if you have the right content, the right message and a stellar playbook. What are some things you plan on talking about around and during the big game?