We Speak Data. Do You?

The conversation surrounding how to provide a personalized web experience is happening right now—and here at AddThis, we like to position ourselves smack dab in the middle of it! That’s why we work with our Product Evangelist, Justin Thorp to bring in the coolest, brightest and most forward-thinking thought leaders to come and speak with the smart people we have at our company.

Because we operate in an ever-changing industry, our team likes to pride itself on our eagerness to learn and grow. We’ve found that when you get the right people together in our café (where we host the series), the conversations can get pretty exciting. We structure it as a question-and-answer forum—with Justin directing the discussion—and we talk, work through problems, discuss failures and how we overcame them; all the while sharing cool facts that have been extrapolated from our data!

Since it’s inception, our speaker series has included founders and leadership from places like AOL, Advertising.com, LivingSocial, Capital One, YouTube, Red Hat, SB Nation, Contactually, nvite and Disruption Corporation. Conversations have ranged quite a bit. We’ve focused on topics like ‘context’ and what that means for us as an advertising technology company all the way to things like ‘start-up culture’ and ways to shake up the conventional workplace. Fresh ideas have been critical to our success, so we strive to keep them coming!

The speaker series is just one of the great ways we stay on out in front of what’s happening in our world. So, where does the conversation go from here? You tell us! There’s several ways to be involved in the fun. First, we’re hiring like crazy! Check out our careers page at www.addthis.com/careers. Next, drop us a line—we love hearing from people that are interested in what we’re doing. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up joining us for another installment of the AddThis Speaker Series!