How the Sophia Institute Doubled Their Annual Fundraising Campaign

We recently talked to Charlie McKinney, President of Crisis Magazine, part of the Sophia Institute, who shared with us how they’ve been using our Marketing tools to help generate the highest performing annual fundraising campaign online.

Sophia Institute has several different websites and they use our marketing tools across all of them, including their education and online book-store. On their main site, they run an annual fundraising campaign and were looking to find a set of tools that were easy time to implement and non-intrusive. They researched other options but weren’t able to find a solution that didn’t cause frustration from a design point of view or User Experience. They’d been using the social sharing buttons and recommended content tools so they were excited to discover the capability to show an Audience Targeting rule to help boost their campaign.

Using both the Welcome Bar and the Marketing Overlay tool, they ran a simple a message asking their visitors to help by donating to their campaign across two of their websites. In less than 4 weeks they doubled their donations and the ability to control the timing of the Marketing Overlay helped to ensure that their visitors experience wasn’t negatively impacted.

“Using the AddThis Marketing tools resulted in the highest performing end of year campaign we’ve ever had with over double what we normally bring in. The tools were non-intrusive and effective,” says McKinney, who oversaw the campaign. “In the future we plan on being more specific with audience targeting for certain campaigns, like in our book store or educator focused content we’re promoting.”

We’re thrilled to help non-profits and large businesses alike meet their business goals with our Marketing Tools. If you have a story to share with us about how you saw improvement using our tools, let us know! And if you haven’t started using our Marketing Tools what are you waiting for?