Winter Storm Juno BLOWS Up Social Media

Bread – check. Milk – check. Toilet paper – check. This is what’s going on in the minds of pretty much every resident in the North East right now as they prepare for record setting snow to start falling this afternoon. And when we are preparing for something this big we have only once place to turn – social media. And turn they did… in the thousands.

They’ve been calling for this storm since late last week but not until yesterday around 4:00 pm est did people start to take serious notice as the forecast changed from a watch to a warning in the form of a “Blizzard Advisory” which updated the snowfall from 5-6 inches to near 30 inches in some parts of New York, Massachusetts and Maine. Over 3,500 flights have already been cancelled and many have taken to social media to share tips, weather reports or just discuss what’s coming and how historical it really will be.

We imagine the conversations will continue over the next few days, as will many, MANY images and videos. But what we’re really interested to see is what everyone will start calling this. Weather Channel is calling it Juno but what will YOU call it? Snowmageddon has been done. Snowpacolypse was so last year. What will it be this time? Give us your nicknames for the Blizzard of 2015 below in the comments section and for all you in the path of the storm STAY SAFE!!