[INFOGRAPHIC] Who’s Supporting Whom in Super Bowl XLIX

We’re 5 days away from Super Bowl XLIX which means that by now the conversation around who will win has really ramped up. Between Deflategate, Marshawn Lynch avoiding the media and the Blizzard that forced the Pats to evacuate Boston, it’s been an interesting lead-up to the big game.

Because of these conversations, as well as general fandom, we were curious who was supporting who (and who doesn’t really care) around the country. Check out the results in our Super Bowl XLIX infographic.

  • Tami Ondrak Sablan

    Wrong Utah here and all i have spoken to are for the Patriots..Piss on the Sea Squawks!!!

  • Pennsylvanianne

    Really? No one I know in my state is rooting for the Cheatriots!

  • metin tood

    EVERY team was videotaping and EVERY team plays around with football inflation/deflation. C’mon now. Don’t be so naive.

  • Pennsylvanianne

    I’m older than dirt and have never read even ONE story about the Steelers being accused of videotaping or football deflation. Mike Tomlin standing on the field of play, for which he was fined, yes. But I don’t think that gave the Steelers any advantage in the game. LOL!

  • Harlow Rioux

    Your quarterback is a rapist, though.

  • Pennsylvanianne

    No fans I know are proud of that. It is too bad he was never charged; however, he has since married, had at least one child and toned down his behavior dramatically.

  • Lawrence Little

    The smart money is on the Seahawks because they have the political advantage since they promoted Obamacare. I expect numerous bad calls in favor of the Seahawks because of the alleged cheating scandal against the Patriots, the game has already been poisoned against New England. Obamacare is the biggest scandal ever perpetrated against the American people in history, yet the Seahawks promoted it (Wilson and Sherman) and by doing so they invited the Federal government into the game; Obama loves Obamacare supporters and he hates what the Patriots mascot stands for. Plausible deniability makes it easy for the government to persuade the Super Bowl officials in favor of their Obamacare supporters… In fact, more so than an under inflated football could ever edge a teams advantage.

  • dyinglol

    This comment has everything. Superb.
    Are you also investigating whether Tom Brady was born in Kenya?

  • kat

    Do you live in a tin foil hat?

  • Lawrence Little

    No, but we are all living at the threshold of 1984 and a Totalitarian State if the American people don’t wake up.

  • KwazyCupcakes

    Did you know they put fluoride in the water to control out minds?

  • Al Capwn

    You do know that the ACA was based on a model developed in Massachusetts don’t you? And that Obama won both Washington and Massachusetts by a sizable margin in both 2008 and 2012. And that there aren’t any ads featuring the Seahawks for the Washington ACA website? I’m curious what evidence you can provide to show any sort of nefarious plot.

  • Lawrence Little

    :) They must be putting something in the water to convince a nation that somehow deflated footballs can benefit a team to victory, and to convince intelligent people like Sherman and Wilson to promote a scam like Obamacare.

  • Lawrence Little

    Apparently you’re not familiar with the promises associated with Obama’s version of the ACA and the increased expense for premiums, deductibles and decrease in coverage, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” while millions not only lost their doctor they lost their plan as well. Had Obama represented his true intentions he never would have gotten elected. Even the “knee jerk” liberals in Washington and Massachusetts wouldn’t have voted for him.

  • Guest


  • Ben Ajenoui

    This comment has got everything covered. Thanks