NEW: Image Overlay Options for Our Marketing Overlay

You asked and we listened. After we recently launched the ability to create Audience Targeting rules in our Marketing Tools, we got some awesome feedback – including some great success stories (think increasing email subscriptions by 10x) and some “This is changing the way I do marketing” quotes. But we also got some suggestions, and one that we heard loud and clear was the ability to add an image to the Marketing Overlay tool. So as of last week, you can now choose from the set we’ve created or add your own hosted image.

We’re also continuing to make more changes to the Marketing Tools and look forward to hearing from you, our users, who know best how we can get even better. Let us know below what else you’d like to see on the Marketing Overlay or Welcome Bar.

  • DWJTravel

    I would appreciate an overlay, that appears after two minutes of staying on my page. I first want to give the reader a chance for undisturbed views of my page. I couldn’t find that in the options, when I tested the overlay. Is this possible?

  • As far as my understanding goes it should only show when the user has scrolled far enough on the page. This way they are able to read the content without being disturbed.

  • Shannon

    Hey all – sorry for the delay. On desktop it actually shows on exit intent, so after the visitor has engaged and is mousing away from the site it will appear. On mobile it shows when they have scrolled 75% through the article, which is generally inferring that they are engaged and are more likely to convert. Adding a timer is something we are exploring though, so make sure to check back for additional features on these tools!

  • DWJTravel

    Dear Shannon,
    Thank you for your answer. I have just discovered, that it can also be configured to be shown after so many pageviews.
    I guess I’ll go with this option next.

  • dave

    Thanks for the suggestion! We will look at adding scroll depth as well.

  • dave

    Absolutely – or after a number of seconds. We agree that it’s best not to interrupt someone while they’re reading. That’s why we wait until they are leaving your site to show the overlay by default. However we also heard that people wanted more control, so we’re working to support more options.

  • Philipp

    I would love to see an option to embed videos in the marketing overlay – this would be great!

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Philipp!