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[INFOGRAPHIC] Data is the REAL MVP This Super Bowl

Whether it’s bullfrogs talking beer, old ladies looking for beef, or a mini Darth Vader with a Passat, there’s no denying that some of the most influential and iconic commercials come from the Super Bowl. And as the stakes get higher each year, brands must find ways to increase engagement on their 30-second advertisements to get the biggest bang for their ($4.5M) buck. We think innovation for Super Bowl XLIX commercials lies in data – take a look at what we uncovered.

  • Jami Dennis

    very interesting, but wouldn’t they essentially be “preaching to the choir” if advertisers targeted their ads to people that already are fans of their products? shouldn’t they be targeting potential new “fans”?

  • Shannon

    that’s a great point! In terms of sales, I think that knowing what appeals to your current fans is clearly one thing that is always top of mind. But from an audience building perspective, generally new prospects might ALSO display similarities to current fans which means that your new fan conversion rate could be higher. However, as a marketer/advertiser, having this kind of data is valuable to tell you when your audience has either changed or diversified so you can respond accordingly and give some kind of informed direction to go in. (And in this case, we shared what current fans engage with, but we can also tell what THEY DO NOT engage with which is pretty valuable! More to come on that :)

  • Jami Dennis

    Ah! that makes sense then. Thanks for responding!

  • The best commercials all year!

  • Shannon

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • Shannon

    Sure thing! Thanks for commenting :)

  • That’s a great explanation. I’ve always wanted a better understanding of that.

  • Alan Wade

    Awesome infographics Shannon, really worth to read. I already found some good info about super bowl on PureVPN blog but this one is really awesome

  • Shannon

    Glad to help!

  • Shannon

    Sweet – thanks! I’ll check out that other blog :)

  • Dean Wilson

    None of these fan behaviors provide any useful insight into why they are fans of the brand/product in the first place. I may be missing something, but to my thinking this data is merely of incidental curiosity value. Much like the insight that sharks will only attack wet people!