Introducing Actionable Insights Email Notifications

Recently you might have noticed that not only were you getting email notifications from us informing you of increased sharing, following or engagement on your site, but now we’re giving you suggestions on what to do in order to capitalize on these spikes. We call them actionable insights. You can call them your new best friend.

Why are actionable insights important? Well, if you’re like us, you’re glued to your computer all day long, watching your analytics and trying new things to continually improve your traffic and engagement. BUT if you’re not like us, and most people aren’t, you might only check your analytics when a campaign is running or you’ve activated a new tool.

With actionable insights, WE tell YOU when something is going on on your site in real time. This means that even if you didn’t know that your recent article about brown bears hibernating in peoples sheds is being shared around the globe WE DO! And we’ll tell you! So you can post that baby all over your Facebook and Twitter and make it the lead story on your site.

It not only notifies you of the spike, but right in the email we suggest ways you can use the tools to take action and promote the article even more. It’s really a simple and efficient way to capitalize on the hard work you’re already doing.

So be on the look out for your actionable email alerts and let us know if there are other ways we can help you use the tools to make your site even more powerful! Haven’t started using our tools yet? What are you waiting for – get started now!