9 Awesome Email Marketing Tools for Your Website

email-marketing-toolsIf you own a website, you know that building web traffic is a constant challenge. Building SEO takes time. Social visitors can help spread the word, but you have to reel them in before they bounce.

Once you have a visitor hooked on your content, you want to keep them coming back. You can do this through building your following in the standard social channels, but you should also have an email marketing strategy.

Just think – email is as personal as it gets. Getting your content directly to your fans’ email inbox can make them loyal visitors that keep them coming back for more.

Don’t have an email marketing tool just yet? We put together a list to help get you started:

The email marketing tool with one of the friendliest interfaces and tons of features and to help you analyze your subscriber behavior. MailChimp also has tons of helpful resources and benchmark reports to help you up your email game.
Starts at: FREE

Another strong contender in the email space with tons of templates, tools, and integrations to help you build your list. You can even hook up your RSS feed to send out emails every time your publish a new post.
Starts at: $1 trial then $19 per month

Mad Mimi
This email marketing tool’s goal is to be simple and powerful at the same time. They do this through allowing you to create custom emails based on their well-designed themes. This gives you a solid starting point for making beautiful email music.
Starts at: $9 per month

Campaign Monitor
Another solid email marketing platform with sweet email templates, user segmenting and the option for pay-as-you-go plans.
Starts at: $9 per month or $5 per campaign

Vertical Response
If you only do occasional email marketing, Vertical Response’s pay-as-you-go plans might be the ticket for you. That way you get all the features you need with a plan that’s flexible.
Starts at: $8.80 per month or $7.50 per 300 emails

Constant Contact
This is a solid email service for small businesses. They also have tools to help you create marketing landing pages and promote your events in addition to email marketing tools.
Starts at: $20 per month

Benchmark Email
This is a really solid email marketing tool for the experienced marketer. You can customize templates and use features like analytics and even AB testing. This one fits the bill if you like to get your hands dirty with the templates and data.
Starts at: $9.95 per month

On the flip-side from Benchmark, iContact is the email marketing tool that has award-winning support. You can use their templates or start from scratch and they’ll provide great support either way.
Starts at: $14 per month

Another site with more features than just an email marketing tool, GetResponse lets you create landing pages, set up autoresponders, and access stock images in addition to growing your email list.
Starts at: $15 per month

Bonus Points
Use MailChimp, Aweber, MadMimi or CampaignMonitor? You can use them with AddThis Audience Targeting tools to give your list-building campaign a boost!

  • I’ve used three of those e-mail marketing tools. They are great to have as a arsenal for e-mail marketing. Have tried Email Chimp, Vertical Response and Constant Contact. One of the main features I liked the most, was the ability to customize the e-mail message. I eventually decided to create my own, but currently lack the ability to track the information fro sent out messages on a graph, line chart or bar graph format; but getting to it. Overall, good e- mail marketing tools…

  • moay

    Sendy is totally missing here! Great self hosted solution!

  • Thanks for sharing, Link! There definitely are some useful tools out there.

  • Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll be sure to check it out.

  • LoriC

    Any email providers you would recommend that also do advocacy and host websites beside Blackbaud?

  • donthe

    Reading this on my iPad you have sharing tool taking up real estate from the bottom of the screen, the welcome bar from the top. The recommended next article slides up from the bottom before I even get a chance to read half the article, and I need to close it to be able to read further, at this point you’re taking up 75% of my screen, and then there is a popup right afterwards about wanting an intersitial for my website. Have you tested this stuff on tablets it’s too much!!!

  • Shannon

    Ah… good suggestion. We’ll take a look – we’re testing a lot of things right now and this is great feedback. Thanks!

  • Akash Tyagi

    Amazing But I think… free one are not here and yes sendy is missing

  • Raihan Kabir

    Thanks bro. very helpful.

  • Paul Tyndall

    ToutApp is very good in my experience.

  • donthe

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  • mhcecca

    Anyone familiar with Mailify?

  • Thanks for sharing! Mailify looks really interesting.

  • Great to hear. Thanks for reading.

  • colin

    Good read, lot’s of great tools here! I’ve had a lot of success with the simplicity of Sendicate as well. I’d say it’s worth checking out.

  • Thanks, Colin. Will do!

  • Thanks. Amazing tools are here .I have used mailChimp and Constant Contact Email Marketing tools. There is one more useful tool that is Litmus, It will show how your Emails looks in different email clients

  • danielsucio

    I’m using also mailsquab that rocks! It is the only one I know that avoids you from be labeled as SPAM with an heuristic filter that changes almost everyday! They also have great support team and very fast when suggesting them with new ideas. Far better than Vertical Response or mailchimp, the ones I’ve also used.

  • Thanks for the tip, Daniel!

  • Jim Soreno

    Thanks for helpful summary. Will check out Sendy, didn’t know it yet. For me missing is Freshmail, because of free responsive templates and easy grab&drop editor. It has free plan too.

  • NIce list. Marketing tools for emails. Now Emails will also have greter impact on websites in their ranking.
    Thanks for such a lovely list,

  • Well, I would like to add MailGet one of the best self hosted solutions for newsletters on the market. Works great for me. The service let you integrate with Amazon SES and other SMTPs.