4 Top Trending Fonts for Graphic Designers

trending-fonts-for-web-desingersAs a designer, it’s important to keep up with industry news and trends. In my effort to do so, I frequently visit different websites and blogs like Smashing Magazine, OneExtraPixel, Webdesigner Depot, TechCrunch, and many more. I also use a Chrome plugin called, which provides feeds of all the major trends, freebies, and design blogs. It’s amazing! I highly recommend it.

Typography plays a big role in great user experience, and to make this happen you need access to modern and beautiful fonts. So, I did some digging on what fonts are trending these days and how you can access them (well, at least most of them) for free.

Now, let’s take a look at the top trending fonts:

1. Brandon Grotesquebrandon-grotesque-font
This is a beautiful warm font inspired by geometric sans-serif style. It’s used by many modern websites these days. It comes in many weights, which helps create visual hierarchy. It’s also clean, modern, and legible. Check out the use of this font on this beautiful website. Also, here’s an example of a combination of Brandon Grotesque with a serif font.

You can get this font for free as an Adobe CC member, which grants you access to a wide variety of other fonts as well. Brandon Grotesque is under “assets” on your Adobe CC tab. (Hat tip to my wonderful co-worker, Behnaz, for introducing me to this!)

2. Museo Sansmuseo-font

Another beautiful geometric sans-serif font is Museo Sans. It’s used by a lot of websites these days. Paired with a serif font it makes a beautiful reading experience. Some great examples are All Saints Wine and Fast Company. You can get free access to this one through Adobe CC as well.

3. Ralewayraleway-font

Raleway is an elegant Google font initially designed in one weight, but later got expanded to nine weight families. It’s another font inspired by the geometric sans-serif style. I love using this font in different web designs because it has so much personality. It goes well with sans-serif as well. You can download it for free here. Also, photographer Geordy Pearson uses it on his portfolio site.

4. Playfair Displayplayfair-final

As the name suggests, this serif font is good for titles and headlines. Although it’s trendy to use sans-serif fonts on the web, serif and sans-serif fonts combined make a beautiful and tasty visual experience. Playfair is a modern Google font that’s easily paired with sans-serif fonts like Raleway, Roboto, and many more.

Here are some other well-known fonts that are currently trending:

What are some of your favorite fonts to use when designing?

  • Vince Luk

    A great lookout of the trending fonts! Thanks so much!

  • Administrator

    The above fonts are so close in their attributes it is almost pointless to attempt distinguishing them, which this article has not accomplished. One (perhaps two) of these fonts has been in wide use for about a decade. That is not a trend.

  • Appy Vohra

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Appy Vohra

    Thanks, Vince!

  • BIL

    A pointless “roundup”!. As Admin said, they are too close for comparison of any value. Pro designers only need 3-4 quality fonts to make an impression on the web. Stability/longevity of presentation is more important than “trendy” fonts or other trappings.

  • Appy Vohra

    Thanks for your feedback, Bil! Good point and you’re right about 3-4 quality fonts. These are just observations on what we see on the web, agencies or hip websites using these fonts. No comparison.

  • Kevin Peter

    Great insight.. let me play around with these fonts now! Good one Appy.

  • Appy Vohra

    Thanks, Kevin! Feel free to share and connect on Dribbble or Behance.

  • I am certainly thankful to you for providing us with this invaluable info. My spouse and I are truthfully grateful, precisely the computer data we needed.

  • Appy Vohra

    Glad you found it useful, Naina. You’re very welcome!

  • gr8pixel

    I find Avenir Pro a real trend setter!

  • Appy Vohra

    Agreed, thanks for sharing!

  • This is quite helpful post for graphic designers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sure thing, John! Thanks for reading.

  • David Paul

    This post is useful and gives the right path for great designs.Thanks for sharing.

  • hzgck61

    Font #2 from “THE PLACE” is Brandon Grotesque, idiot.

  • hzgck61

    Font #2 from “THE PLACE” is Brandon Grotesque, idiot.

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  • Please stop using Raleway normal (400) – it’s completely unreadable and terribly looking on Windows 7-8 (and I bet on other versions too) Chrome, FF, Opera and IE. I guess the only browser where it looks good is Safari under OS X, the most fancy-looking browser and OS, a designer’s choice. But hey, we are building sites for users, not retina-designers, right?

  • Exactly that fonts our graphic team uses :) Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Exactly that fonts our graphic team uses :) Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Exactly that fonts our graphic team uses :) Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Perfect! Great to hear we’re on the right track with this post :)

  • Conor O Brien

    Lobster by Google :)

  • A very cool Google font indeed!

  • Ryan Gallagher

    Playfair is completely different from the other 3. You just looked at the pictures, which seems to me, renders such criticism invalid.

    Museo definitely has a bit of longevity now which I agree contravenes its inclusion as “trending”

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  • nickmanderfield

    Sold on Playfair :)

  • soma


    Nice article (good typos around) but something is missing here:
    It starts like “As a designer, …” in a first person fashion;

    Then there is no signature or proper name behind the words.
    Could anyone further explain this?
    I kind of like addthis by the way, for the records.

  • This was written by one of our designers who worked at AddThis.

  • Thank you Google for Playfair Display and Roboto

  • Stefan Xhunga

    Is very inetersting!

  • Sofia Williams

    Thanks so much ! This post is very helpful for graphic designers to select the fonts. It is really very amazing post for designers.

  • Thank you for giving your review here on Raleway font, I was about to download it for using. I need something which would not be targeted for any specific browser or OS, rather will look good in all cases. Can you recommend any good font which will fulfill all the purposes?

  • Don’t take me wrong – Raleway is a great font and it always looks awesome on my MacBook Pro with retina display. But on Windows with regular, non-retina display all weights below 600 and font sizes smaller than 18px are terribly pixelated and hard to read, crossed sections in letters are all messed up. Also, it’s only limited to latin character set – no love for those with cyrillic alphabet, like me. If you’re looking for a great sans serif – try Roboto, Open Sans, PT Sans, Fira Sans. Want a little “fancier” font? Try Scada, Signika or Basic. If you like serifs – the best options are Merriweather and Vesper Libre. IMO, of course (based on practical requirements though). All mentioned fonts are available for free at Google Fonts.

  • Thank you so much for explaining the things in detail here. I am so glad that you have recommended some fonts which would fulfill my requirements, and all of them are available to download at free of cost.

  • You’re welcome)

  • WorldWebTechnology

    Nice and useful for graphic designers. Really trendy. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • I got many important information from this post. its so inspiration for me.

  • This post is very important for all graphic designer . Hopping everyone will benefited to this post .

  • Are they FREE ? :(

  • Some of these fonts require Adobe CC membership, but others are free, such as Raleway and Playfair Display. You can get a wide range of other awesome Google fonts here:

  • Luffy Poker

    IThank you for giving your review here

  • I like roboto

  • hyperbolee

    You couldn’t change each paragraph to the respective font you’re talking about? You just use helvetica throughout, switch it up.

  • It was a handy resource for graphics designer like me. I have Adobe CC membership. So, I will be able to use all the fonts. I have bookmarked this page to check later. Because all the fonts will be handy to use in my design.

  • The fonts look really amazing. It will be a great resource for all graphics designers. I must use these fonts according to my design needs.

  • Does it happen to me only ? Whenever I see other using any fonts like above, it looks so beautiful. But, when I buy and try to use them, I never use them eventually. I think all the fonts don’t match in all perspective.

  • rsgolecuicui

    Thank you Google for Playfair Display and Roboto ,MMOGO

  • As a new Designer, i like to read more trends, Your review on Railway font is impressed me to download this. Please recommend more font for me. Thank you for your posting