A Free And Open Internet

free-and-open-internetAddThis was founded on a belief in the free and open Internet. We celebrate the fact that anyone can create value through content, services or products and make a living through the exposure and distribution the Internet provides.

It is the definition of a land of opportunity for all. It is virtual, but its presence and its effect on lives is real and tangible.

Our products are designed to help forward the idea of an open Internet by helping publishers and brands of all sizes to engage users personally through content, e-commerce, and marketing. As we help businesses grow, we push the Internet away from a “one size fits all” model to one that is more relevant, useful, and engaging for consumers.

These relationships are the core engine of the Internet economy. It’s what makes the Internet amazing, and predominantly free, and it only continues to work if individuals and companies of all sizes have an equal opportunity to play.

This is why we’re excited about the FCC Net Neutrality ruling. It helps keep the Internet a land of opportunity for all by preventing favoritism for the few.

If there is one thing we’ve learned building products for the open Internet, it’s that the open way is the harder way. It’s hard to get disparate companies with diverse goals and objectives to rally around common ways of doing things. But we’ve also learned that it’s the right way, and the Internet itself – an open set of standards that has revolutionized the world – is evidence of that.

We’re proud to work with our customers and users to keep the Internet free and open together.