Announcing the March Madness Buzz Bracket

ncaa_buzz_bracketWe’re all big NCAA tournament fans at the office. We’ve all filled out our brackets and are tracking the games closely. Naturally, we wanted to look at how the online consumer behavior that we see on a daily basis correlates to different aspects of the tournament. In this post, I’m excited to announce the first of two different data visualization projects.

Today, we’re unveiling the Buzz Bracket. The idea came from and was created in collaboration with independent Web agency Viget Labs, which is headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area. The Buzz Bracket uses data from the AddThis network to measure and compare online buzz for each tournament team and project a winner for every matchup.

We’re excited to be tracking the data throughout the tournament and see how online buzz correspond to how the tourney plays out. Check it out and follow along!