What Our Data Taught Us About Cricket World Cup Fans

cricket_world_cup_2015Image Source: Twitter.com/CricketWorldCup

Cricket flies under the radar in some countries, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, but it’s making national news throughout the mid-East, Asia, and the Pacific. Over the past few weeks, 14 of the best cricket teams in the world have gone head-to-head in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. What can we learn about cricket fans and how they share information with each other? What else drives cricket fans?

Here are three things we learned about the cricket fan base:

Pakistanis Love Cricket
Although the Cricket World Cup is being hosted in Australia and New Zealand this year, the plurality (40%) of social engagement with the tournament came from Pakistan. While dwarfed by India in terms of population (182M vs. 1.25B), Pakistan generated nearly 7X the engagement, driven by some high-profile matches such as the India vs. Pakistan on February 15th. Saudi Arabia and the US also showed a strong interest, even though they don’t have teams in the tournament, indicating a dispersion of the cricket fanbase.


Twitter Drives the Activity
We weren’t surprised to discover that most of the sharing around the tournament is on Twitter, since it’s the perfect place for fans to discuss sporting events in real-time. To that end, we found that engagement with cricket content is heavier on Twitter than general content engagement in each country below. For example, Twitter was the social medium of choice in India 1.9X as much as usual for cricket content, as compared to all shared content.


Insights On U.S. Cricket Fanbase
Since the US doesn’t have a team in the tournament, we were surprised by the amount of engagement with cricket content. To better understand the US cricket audience, we looked at which brands they engaged with most. We found that people in the US engaging with cricket content are:

  • Over 7X as likely than average to be interested in PayPal and YouTube
  • Over 4X as likely than average to be interested in Android
  • Over 3X as likely than average to be interested in Disney
  • Over 2X as likely than average to be interested in Apple