How Michelle Money Increased Email Subscriptions with AddThis Marketing Tools



Michelle Money. Does the name sound familiar? If you’re a fan of the Bachelor, then I imagine it does. She was a contestant on Season 15. But she’s more than just a reality TV star. She’s now focused on empowering women with the help of her style, health, and female advice blog and website, To help her boost engagement and drive visitors to the site, she and her team turned to AddThis website marketing tools.


Michelle Money’s website just recently launched and her team of digital marketers needed tools that would help engage her growing social audience and drive them to her website to take action in the form of subscribing to her newsletter.


By using multiple website tools, including the Welcome Bar and Marketing Overlay with Audience Targeting and the sharing/following social tools, they were able to clearly grab the attention of visitors and ask them to subscribe, share content, or follow her on additional social media sites, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (sites that they know her fans frequent and come from as a social source).

“We especially like that the Overlay tool is non-intrusive and can be branded to have the same look and feel of the website, which we put a lot of time and effort into,” says Jon Shedden, Michelle Money’s website manager. “Using the analytics dashboard has also helped make decisions around what messages are working and which aren’t.”


Since launching the site in January with the tools, they’ve seen an increase in subscriptions and growth in engagement, with up to 40,000 page views a day. While they aren’t running A/B tests quite yet, they said that’s next on the list, along with research into how they could use the Recommended Content tools. As they prep to launch an additional fashion and style site in the summer, they look forward to using the information from AddThis marketing tools and implementing them on the new site.