More Free Photo (and Video) Resources for Your Website


Earlier this year, we published a blog post that listed four free photography resources for website owners and designers to use on their sites. The post got a great response, so we thought we’d put together a second list. That, and we know the importance of visual content. In fact, 70% of marketers plan on increasing their use of visual images this year, so it’s something you should definitely add to your content strategy.

We hope you find these resources useful!

1. Raumrot
Raumrot is a free photo resource that offers stylized pictures for personal and commercial projects. They also do themed sets, which is useful for finding groups of similar images.


2. picjumbo
picjumbo also offers free photos for commercial and personal use. One of the nice things about picjumbo is that the photos are organized by categories and they’re tagged to help you find more of what you’re looking for (including cute dogs!).


3. The Pattern Library
Instead of offering free photos, The Pattern Library compiles patterns shared by designers that you can use in your own work. There are some pretty cool ones, so check them out!


4. Pexels
Not only does Pexels offer free photos (five new ones added daily), they also offer royalty free stock video. You can edit these videos and use them for personal and commercial use. This is great, seeing as how more video is a popular design trend for sites this year.


Pro Tip: Now that you’ve got these images, how are you planning to use them? Blogs, social media, visuals for your website? These are all great options. But how about in your website marketing tools? AddThis Audience Targeting tools allow you to add your own background image, which you can use the resources above to help find.

Check out the tools and start using images to drive more conversions!