Introducing the Audience Targeting Creator


A while back we introduced a new feature to the set of Marketing Tools in the form of Audience Targeting, where you can customize messaging to display to different people in your audiences as an overlay on your site. We received some great feedback, and made improvements based on what our users said they needed.

First we added the ability to upload your own image into the Audience Targeting Overlay. Then we tweaked the conversion analytics dashboard view. But most recently we made what we think is our best enhancement: we moved Audience Targeting out of the Tool Gallery into its own space. We’re calling it the Audience Targeting Creator.

The new Creator can be found at the top of your dashboard, next to the Tool Gallery and Analytics tabs, when you sign in. Once you click on the tab, you’ll see where you can create your Audience Targeting rules, view all your live or archived messages, and monitor their performance in one place. We also threw in a few examples (that are all based on what we’ve seen perform well across our network) to help inspire you to get up and running.

Now you have a much faster way to create Audience Targeting rules with all of the editing tools and the preview screen without navigating around. You can edit your rules by typing directly into the textbox, and easily change calls-to-action as you tweak your campaigns. Another change is that we’re not calling the tools Marketing Overlay and the Welcome Bar anymore, now you control the placement with the creator tools and see how it would look on your site in the creator. It’s really never been easier to use this feature!

Log in to your dashboard now, take a look, and tell us what you think!