The Community Capital of a Healthy Work Environment


Everyone agrees that the culture of a company is important. You can see this in the first line of The Agile Manifesto: We value “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.”

Of course, good relationships with your coworkers and a friendly environment are nice things to have. But I want to emphasize that a company’s culture is worth real money. And with that in mind, I can confidently say that the AddThis culture is our single biggest asset.

It’s weird to think that a team of employees who have cool decorations on the walls and know each others’ names will produce better marketing tools than employees who don’t. But at AddThis, we’re trying to take that even further. We see that people produce better software when they trust each other and are loyal to each other. When they’re relaxed in their environment, have low anxiety, and are self-motivated. When they speak each others’ unique languages, respect each others’ boundaries, and accommodate each others’ needs. When they’re not afraid to criticize or to be criticized. And it’s working.

The culture of our company represents a sort of community capital. It is a first class citizen, as necessary for our end product as Platform or Ops. In the same way that one slight improvement to our data stores could save us a hundred thousand dollars, a small improvement in communication between teams could save two hundred thousand dollars worth of time.

In my opinion, our hackathons, company outings, employee selection process, and communal lunch table contribute as much to our awesomeness as our intelligence and skill. And speaking of hackathons, our most recent hackathon saw two fantastic cultural improvement projects, one called Konichiwa and the other called Meet Your Co-Workers. As evidence of our priorities, Konichiwa won the CEO award and the Popular vote.

I’ve also noticed a handy side benefit of the AddThis company culture: we have nothing to hide. Because we don’t hire any jerks and because we all believe in each other, we don’t have to invent a phony image. We can be confident that it will always be beneficial to show our customers who we really are, whether by meetups, YouTube videos or blog posts.

It’s entirely because we believe in each other that customers can believe in us. And it’s why, in my opinion, we produce the very best software of our kind.

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Dorian is a software engineer at AddThis by day, and an economist by night.