Introducing the AddThis Cultural Values & How We Live Them


Time to wake up, campers! Today is evaluation day. The key word here is ‘value’. Do you have any?” – Tony Perkis, Heavyweights

Externally, the word we’re known for is Personalization — but internally, we’re focused on developing our strengths and defining who we are culturally. That’s why we spent time at the end of 2014 defining our values. Now that we’ve had some time to let them sink in, we wanted to share a little bit about what intrinsically ties us together as a company.

An AddThis employee is:

Nimble – We listen to feedback and embrace change. We own our mistakes, but never dwell on them. We keep moving.

Bold – We take risks and we’re not afraid to fail. We share opinions and challenge each other. We push the envelope on design and technology.

Distinct – We embrace individuality and value expertise. We respect different perspectives. We appreciate what each member brings to the team.

Sensible – We treat every dollar spent as if it were our own. We embed ROI-driven thinking into our daily activity.

Transparent – We are open about our performance and goals, and we are accountable to each other. We are accessible from top to bottom across the organization. We don’t mince words – we are direct and straightforward.

Ambitious – We want to win in the marketplace, and more importantly, we want to help our customers win. We take big, complex problems and produce elegant, simple solutions. We are proactive and take initiative everyday.

Now, being self-aware is a fine thing indeed. But, for self-awareness to have any major impact on our mission, our values have to be woven into everything we do as an organization. It has to be the skeletal backbone from which we develop our products all the way to how we present ourselves to people outside of AddThis. So, how have we reinforced our values internally?

Well, for starters, this month our executive leadership has introduced our AddThis Core Value Spot Awards! Every month, employees are encouraged to nominate a coworker based on actions they’ve taken in their day-to-day that embody one or more of our values. At the end of the month, our leadership comes together and listens to stories of great success within our organization and determines which story most embodies our company ethos – and then of course, they award an awesome prize!

Another thing we’re working to roll out are Ethos Weeks. These are themed weeks each month where we take one of our values and spotlight it. We will work as a group to come up with ideas as to how we can demonstrate our commitment to that value. For example, we could demonstrate our desire to be Ambitious by taking on another company-wide volunteering opportunity.


Now—for me personally—the challenge of our newly defined values comes by way of the talented individuals we choose to bring into our organization. As a Talent Manager with recruitment responsibilities, it’s up to me to present candidates to our team based on their skill set and their ability to fit into our culture. That’s why we’re working hard to build in guidelines and metrics to measure candidates against our company ethos. This is a fluid process and it requires a level of buy-in from our hiring managers. However, because we’re all in agreement on what attributes make an employee at AddThis successful, the task has become one of aligning our ideals with people of great talent. We all have a central desire to work with individuals who carry similar values with them each and every workday.

And with that, we want to know if you’d be a good fit for our culture. Check out our job openings on our AddThis Career page! We are operating as the industry leader for website personalization – we’re changing the way users experience the web and we want you to be a part of it!