The Evolution of AddThis: A Data-Driven Path to Relevant Marketing


Today we’re proud to announce the launch of the AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform. This platform enables brands and agencies to build, deeply understand, and activate custom audiences generated from the anonymous digital patterns of more than 1.9 billion uniques across 15 million websites. This launch is the result of many months of hard work, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you today.

How It All Started…

Years ago, a small group of friends from Carnegie Mellon University began building social sharing widgets with the belief that the social Web was going to revolutionize the way people interacted online. Those tools were the beginning of AddThis, and, as it turns out, helped to accelerate a social revolution that changed the face of digital marketing.

Today, over 15 million sites – from Fortune 100 companies to individual bloggers – use our customizable website tools to increase social sharing, improve engagement, and drive conversions for their sites.

The State of the Web, circa 2015

A lot has changed since AddThis was founded. The web has matured, access to information has grown exponentially, and more and more people are online in every country around the world.


The democratization of the Web has created an environment in which there have never been more opportunities for brands to learn about and connect with their audiences. But with more than 3 billion people online, communication channels have become crowded and noisy, making it harder for marketers to truly understand and connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.

This noisiness, combined with the increasing use of mobile devices, has made it more and more complicated for brands to develop and efficiently execute relevant online marketing campaigns.

Without the ability to understand a complete picture of a customer’s digital interests and behaviors, or transparently examine the quality of audience data used to activate campaigns, brands must contend with everything from sub-optimized marketing campaigns, to potentially mis-directed messaging and creative investments.

This is where AddThis comes in.

Better Data to Power More Relevant Marketing

The data co-op created by the widespread adoption of our online marketing tools is one of the richest and best ways to understand consumer behavior on the open Web. Currently, we see 2 of the 3 billion people on the Web each month, reaching 60% of the Web population globally and 96% in the U.S.

Our massive global footprint has afforded us the ability to learn an incredible amount about people – what their interests are, how they interact, and where they spend time online. We’re able to understand true consumer behavior at a time when everyone (brands, agencies, publishers, website owners, marketers, etc.) needs this information more than ever before.

So, in addition to the amazing tools we’ve developed, we’ve decided to expand the ways that marketers of all sizes and shapes can work with us to develop more relevant messaging and optimize investments across paid, earned, and owned media.

We’re excited to officially launch a product we believe can accelerate the next big revolution in marketing – Personalization.

AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) is a sophisticated platform which analyzes billions of real-time 1st party permissioned interactions. We use this data to help marketers discover unexpected audience insights, inform campaign strategies, and seamlessly execute effective campaigns through paid, earned or owned media. This platform, now available to you, is the first of its kind to break open the black box around audience data to reveal specific and actionable consumer insights. and translate those insights into more authentic and effective marketing.