Get a Sneak Peek of Our New WordPress Share Buttons Plugin


Interested in checking out our new WordPress Share Button Plugin? Get a sneak peek before we release it to the public and help us make it even better.

Here’s the deal. Last Fall we released a new version of our Sharing Buttons plugin for WordPress, part of our AddThis WordPress Social Plugins. We wanted to give WordPress users access to all the tools in the AddThis Tool Gallery, like Follow Buttons and Recommended Content.

But many of our users just wanted to manage their sharing buttons from their WordPress dashboard. We heard from the community loud and clear, and now we’re getting ready to release a revamped, refreshed sharing buttons plugin for WordPress. We’re hoping our community can help us make sure it’s the best WordPress sharing button plugin on the Web. We’re also including the sharing sidebar – our best performing sharing tool.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set up sharing buttons from your WordPress dashboard
  • Control which kinds of pages they show up on
  • You no longer have to go to to make changes
  • You no longer have to provide an email address unless you want optional analytics

Here are instructions for trying it out:

1. Download the plugin here.

2. Deactivate the AddThis for WordPress plugin in your Plugin settings.


3. Delete your 4.0.x series plugin from the Plugin settings.


4. Yes, delete these files and data. Don’t worry, your settings will carry over to the new installation.


5. Select “Add New” in the Plugins settings.


6. Select the “Upload Plugin” button.


7. Use the Choose File button to upload the zip you downloaded from Step 1.


8. Once uploaded, Activate the plugin.


9. Select the Settings for the AddThis Sharing Buttons plugin.


10. You should see the updated plugin now.

11. Use the red/green sliders to enable the sharing buttons you’d like to see on your site.


12. Your existing AddThis Profile ID will have been retained. You can view this from the Advanced Options tab.

13. If you’d like to retain the primary 4.0 experience where sharing buttons are controlled from the AddThis Dashboard, you can select that at the bottom of the Advanced Options tab. Similarly, if you find yourself in the AddThis Dashboard mode and would prefer to control your sharing buttons in WordPress, you can do that in the Advanced Options tab as well.


Once you’ve installed, you can provide feedback on the WordPress AddThis plugin forum.  Looking for follow buttons? Be sure to also check out our WordPress Follow Plugin.