New Placement Options & Enhanced Bar for Audience Targeting Tools


New Audience Targeting Tool Placement Options

We just released two additional placement positions for Audience Targeting tools to give your site more customization options. These additional placements will appear as a small overlay that pop up after your visitors begin scrolling down the page.

These overlays will function just like the original Audience Targeting Overlay or Bar; use them to help you reach your goals — whether it’s to collect emails, send traffic to a specific page, grow your community on social, or for something else entirely.

You can choose whether to show the new overlay on the bottom-left or bottom-right of the screen — this will seem familiar to you if you ever used the Recommended Content Toaster.

Enhanced Design for the Audience Targeting Bar

We also enhanced the Audience Targeting Bar to be even easier on the eyes of your visitors. The top position now features a sleeker, tighter design, and the bottom position is taller than before. Both Audience Targeting Bar positions animate out of the page when a user begins to scroll. All of these new features have been designed and tested to help generate you more conversions.


Try It Now!

All these new features are now live! If you haven’t enabled them, dive into your AddThis Dashboard and try them out.

Not an AddThis user? Did you know that you get two Audience Targeting rules for FREE when you register for an AddThis Basic account? You can always upgrade if you want to create more than two messages to target your visitors with deeper audience characteristics. Don’t miss out on making your website more effective with personalized content.

Tell us what you think about the new features in the comments below!