5 Best Practices When Creating Audience Targeting Rules


Using Audience Targeting rules can help you catapult your conversions and easily reach business goals on your website. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure success and results. Here are 5 simple tips when creating successful rules.

1. Keep the message specific and short.
We humans are busy and love to skim! Although our rules don’t come with a character limit, we recommend keeping your message to 60 characters or less. This is equivalent to 3 lines of copy in an overlay, or 1 line in the bar. If you can’t get your point across in 3 lines, you might want to re-think your call to action.

2. Highlight only one call to action at a time.
Don’t ask users to do two things in one rule! For example, don’t ask visitors to check out your sale AND sign up for your email list. Instead, target different visitors based on where they are in the buying/consumer cycle. We’ve found that if you give new visitors a discount or offer the first time they come to your site and then ask for an email address on their return visit, they are 10x more likely to give you an email address.

3. Placement matters.
Be careful not to tempt your visitor away from an action-oriented page. For instance, if they’re trying to login to their account or complete a transaction, don’t show them a rule asking them to do something else. Also, keep in mind their level of engagement — be sure to ask people to share something with their friends *after* they’ve indicated interest (eg: scrolled down the page or spent a certain amount of time on your site).

4. Keep interest targeting simple
You can choose to create your rule using as many audience interests as you want. The creator works as an “and” not an “or” so each interest you choose will be interest “sports” AND interest “health”. This means that the individual has to show activity with both to now fill your interest pool. So keep in mind that the more criteria you choose, the smaller your pool of target visitors will be. To reach a broader audience with a specific interest choose 1 or 2 interest criteria at most. You can always create another rule that targets a different interest, but has the same message!

5. Test, test and test again.
Every target audience is different, and may respond to something you haven’t tried before. Using the same targeting rules (new visitors, interested in sports) test images, copy, and CTA’s. Depending on the number of daily visitors you receive, you should run your test until you feel like you’ve confirmed a winner – that means it could take a few days or weeks! Testing can produce tremendous results and who doesn’t want that?

So there you go. A few things to help you become a marketing ninja. Discovered something that could help others? Share what’s worked for you by leaving a comment, below!

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