How Virginia Tech Increased Website Conversions By 40%


Virginia Tech, like most institutions for higher education, relies on alumni communications to keep alumni informed about campus news and support annual fundraising efforts. Without up-to-date contact information, however, the university is challenged to reach its annual goals. This is why Juliet Crichton, Digital Editor and Webmaster for Virginia Tech University Relations’ Marketing and Publications, has been focused on figuring out how to encourage alumni to update their Alumni Association profiles.

Spreading the word with Sharing Buttons.

Juliet was familiar with AddThis as she used the AddThis Share Buttons on the VA Tech alumni site. Using the data from these Share Buttons, Juliet was able to learn more about the sharing patterns of the site’s visitors, such as what articles are most interesting to alumni, and what social networks they use most frequently for sharing. These insights helped her determine the content strategy for the magazine’s monthly newsletter.

Juliet’s Challenge: Increasing Website Conversion Rates.

Being more visible on social media helped drive more alumni to the site, but Juliet’s next challenge was to encourage alumni to provide and update their contact information. Unfortunately, neither a static reminder on the Alumni Association’s website nor traditional email outreach were working. She needed a better way to encourage alumni to update their contact details.

Juliet’s Solution: Promote A Giveaway with AddThis Audience Targeting Tools.

Familiar with AddThis, Juliet decided to enable AddThis Audience Targeting tools on the Virginia Tech Magazine and the Virginia Tech Monthly websites. Specifically, she used the Audience Targeting bar and overlay to promote a chance for alumni to win a free Virginia Tech sweatshirt in exchange for updating their contact details.

After just one month, Juliet saw a 40% lift in the number of updated alumni profiles.

“We got great results with the AddThis Audience Targeting tools! They provided a new and more effective way to get our message in front of website visitors.” – Juliet Crichton, Digital Editor and Webmaster for Virginia Tech University Relations’ Marketing and Publications