Introducing Additional Methods to Target Your Audience


It’s important to reach the right person with the right message, so we’re thrilled to unveil the newest customization features for the Audience Targeting Rules Creator. This newest release gives you more than 200 AddThis-Inferred audience interests and the ability to target specific messages based on geographic location.

Read on for more about each of the enhancements:

Geographic Targeting


Now you can target messages to your site visitors based on geography, which is especially helpful for sites with visitors from different countries. For example: If you run a travel site and have a special for flights out of Heathrow, you can target visitors who frequent that departure location.

That said, If you run a small boutique in Brooklyn and want to target a message to users who live in Brooklyn to come by your store for a flash sale, you can do that, too!

How is this possible? By choosing to target at a continent, country, state and US DMA level, you’re able to hone in on a specific user’s location to show them a more targeted message.

This ability will help to reduce bounce rate and cultivate more highly qualified leads.

Interest-Based Audience Targeting


AddThis sees more than 1.9B uniques/month across our 15 million site-strong global data network, which allows us to help you target different audiences based on their anonymous cross-web browsing behavior.

This enhancement allows you to more specifically target interest-based audiences based on over 200 dimensions. So, if you are a sporting goods store, now you can target messages to the portion of your visitors who like a specific sport (like soccer or yoga), rather that just “sports” in general. This “fine-targeting” should help you drive conversions among those more specific audience types!

Drop us a line below and let us know your thoughts on these newest features!