Get Real-Time Traffic Spike Updates in Your AddThis Dashboard

AddThis Dashboard Notifications

Today AddThis is launching a new way to learn about visitors coming to your site. Rather than spending hours in your web analytics tool, slicing and dicing your traffic, now you can get updates about spikes in traffic on your website as they happen — making it easy to capitalize on that influx of visitors.

For example, if you receive a notification telling you about a spike in shares from Facebook, you can create an Audience Targeting rule asking those visitors to follow you on Facebook. You’re experiencing a plethora of new visitors to your site? Offer them a coupon on their first purchase, which also helps you collect their email information and continue to evolve the relationship.

Fact is, we’ve seen AddThis Pro bloggers use Audience Targeting rules to collect 6x more email subscribers and a 32% increase in Facebook sharing!


The new AddThis Alerts include:

  • Increase in social metrics like shares, follows or social clicks
  • Spike in sharing from a particular sharing service
  • Sudden influx of new or returning visitors
  • Spike in traffic from a referring website
  • Spike in traffic to a piece of content

You can choose to receive alerts via email, in your AddThis dashboard or using our brand new Slack integration. However, to make sure that your AddThis Alerts are interesting and provide the most value, you may not see them every day.

If you’re an AddThis user, you may have already seen an AddThis Alert email come into your inbox. We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can make these alerts even better, so be sure to share them in the comments below or tweet at us.

We’re excited to introduce this new way for our users to capitalize on website traffic spikes – all with the goal of driving more conversions. If you’re not already using AddThis, check out this incredible new way of driving shares, email subscriptions and other goals on your website.