Big news here at AddThis!

We’ve just announced that we’ve signed an agreement to be acquired by Oracle, pending standard closing conditions. This proposed acquisition will help us turbocharge our mission to make the web more personal, and we couldn’t be more excited.

All kudos go to our talented employees, who have developed amazing website marketing products used by more than 15 million websites around the globe.

We’re excited to continue building great marketing products, uncovering web trends, and having fun, now as part of the Oracle Data Cloud.

Learn more about at

  • I had an idea that some people have been interested in,
    but because I lack the right connections, plus the fact it
    looks similar to a ponzi scam or MLM, getting good feedback
    is slow.
    If you investigate, try not to let the media bias cause your first
    impressions, it may not be as it appears on the surface.

    If you’re still with me Awesome, we are enlightened to the power?. The force?

    Suggestions for remediation of this problem are most welcome. Alex Reid Founder and admin