How to Show Your Customers Love on Social Media


This Valentine’s Day, why not shower your customers with love? It’s a great way to make them feel appreciated, and to boost your brand loyalty.

To get you started, here’s our list of four ways to show your customers love this February:

1. Send Them a Valentine

Remember the happy feeling you got when your first grade classmates handed you a Valentine’s Day card? Now’s your chance to create that same moment of excitement for your customers. If you have an email list of customers, you can send them an e-card. And if you have their snail mail address, you can make their day even more special and send them a card in the mail. You can also post a branded Valentine’s image on your Facebook or Instagram account.

You’ll want to get creative with your copy and your imagery. Do you have a product that you can incorporate into your post? Take a look at Krispy Kreme’s Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for inspiration on festive product imagery.


If over-the-top affection comes across as too cheesy for your brand, be different—celebrate anti-valentine’s day, or S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day). The important part of any campaign, whether for or against Valentine’s Day, is bonding with your customers.

2. Create a Special Experience

Another way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your customers is to share Valentine’s Day themed content that resonates with your brand. One interesting example of how a brand can engage with customers is by sharing a Valentine’s Day playlist, curated on Spotify. Or, if music isn’t your thing, try sharing a special recipe like the Food Network.


If you don’t have the resources to create new content, experiment with user generated content. Invite your customers to celebrate their loved ones by tagging photos, sending songs, etc. You can use a contest to build engagement and reward your customers for participating.

Heineken used this approach for Valentine’s Day two years ago, targeting their male customers to create user generated content and social buzz. Men signed up for a “Date in a box”—a red glittery vault containing a certificate for a prearranged date—and received one if they shared an image on Instagram. The campaign was a great example of using Valentine’s Day to tap into the human connection element of social media.

3. Return the Love

There’s no better way to show your customers some love than thanking them with a special offer. You can post a Valentine’s Day promo code to thank your loyal followers on social media or on your website with AddThis Audience Targeting. Offer a percentage off a sale, or throw in a free Valentine’s Day gift with any purchases made. You can also offer access to bonus content, like a downloadable e-book or guide, a free trial period for your services or product, etc.

Can’t swing a special offer? You can still show customers some love simply by listening to them. Read your followers posts and respond to them in a human way. Treat your customers as you would a friend, and you could change their feelings towards your brand.

JetBlue is an excellent example of a brand that’s able to establish a human connection with their customers. Not only do they do a great job answering inquiries, but they also address complaints and random musings with their Twitter handle. By putting a little humanity behind their brand, they’ve succeeding in delighting their customers.


4. Give Back

You can also show your customers some love by giving back to the community. Is there a charity that aligns with your brand? Donate your profits to the charity of your choice in honor of Valentine’s Day. If you reach out to the charity beforehand, you may be able to double your promotion efforts by advertising on their channels as well.

Intel used this approach when they launched their “Code For Good” campaign— a campaign that encouraged social media shares to raise money for Girls Who Code. Intel stayed true to its brand by donating to a charity that aligned with its offering, while gaining social media promotion from the charity and its fans.

Take advantage of the Valentine’s Day buzz by engaging with your customers on social media. It’s human nature to want to feel appreciated. Sales transactions, in this day and age, are no longer a one-way conversation. Brand loyalty is one of the biggest drivers of sales. So, make the day special by sharing great content, giving back or spending a little extra time listening.