Web Design Trends: What to Embrace & Avoid in 2016 [WEBINAR RECAP]

design trends webinar recap

While eye-catching web design and quirky content often works to reel web visitors in, it’s not always enough to get them to stick around or drive conversions.

In our “Web Design Trends: What to Embrace and Avoid in 2016” webinar, Tom Osbourne, VP of Design at Viget, covers all of the major design elements you should add to your toolkit this year, whether you’re working on a website redesign or creating wireframes from scratch.

Here are some actionable takeaways from this informative session so you can learn what you’ll need to steer clear of (villains) and move towards (heroes) in 2016:

The Villains of Design

Stay away from fast fading trends that offer similarity to others in your industry and the broader landscape of websites. Some key trends to avoid include:

  • Sameness – Leave behind “simple to use” template galleries that hinder customization and limit personalization for site visitors.
  • Exclusion – Failure to acknowledge users with disabilities and visual impairments can decrease overall website traffic. Learn how to create pages for the web that can be easily viewed through any lens.

The Heroes That Can Help You Win

Focus on messaging, efficiency, and responsive design in the year ahead to drive site optimization and build a core following of repeat visitors. Key concepts to implement include:

  • Storytelling – Create a strong and engaging brand narrative that clearly defines what you stand for and keeps users interested enough to come back for more.
  • Speed and Usability – With the rise of mobile, quick loading times for your content is critical. Build responsive pages that never give users a reason to hit the refresh button.

Ready to dive in? Watch the recorded webinar and start using these tips in your design strategy.