How to Run Your First Website A/B Test

ab testing webinar recap

When it comes to running a website, there’s always room for growth and optimization. Putting in the work to make your website better for your customers is the easy part. It’s knowing where to optimize that presents the largest obstacles. Fortunately, A/B testing can help with that.

Your website visitors provide the keys into how and where to optimize your website because they’re the ones navigating through it. Running A/B tests allow you to use real data in order to help deliver actionable results. By pitting a control version of what you’re trying to test against variations of the tests, you’re letting visitors prove which one converts the best. This allows you to significantly enhance and optimize your website experience.

In our webinar “How to Successfully Run Your First Website A/B Test,” we gave our audience the inside scoop on how to run A/B tests that will deliver the answers they need. Our guest, Thue Madsen, Marketing Operations Manager of Kissmetrics, revealed “how to” details so anyone can feel confident enough to start A/B testing, or to improve the data they collect from future tests.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • What A/B testing is, and where to begin
  • Strategies for successfully setting up your first A/B test
  • What tools you’ll need in your A/B testing toolkit

We also help you take a deeper look into your results so you can find the best possible opportunities for improvement.

Ready to get started with A/B testing that will deliver real results? Read more about the webinar and watch the recording here.