By Popular Demand! Image Sharing Now Available

addthis image sharing tool

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Image Sharing tool – available to all users!

Image Sharing allows your visitors to share images or GIFs from your website to popular social sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

When a visitor hovers over an image (as seen with the image above), the AddThis Image Sharing buttons appear and they can then easily share the image directly from your site.

The Image Sharing buttons shows up by default on images that are at least 200×200 pixels.

200 x 200 pixels
This is because certain services – such as Facebook – do not support images smaller than this size. However, you can specify the images you’d like the sharing buttons to appear on using id and class selectors either on the images themselves or the enclosing HTML elements. Learn how to do this by reading “How to Customize the Images for the Image Sharing Tool.”

To enable Image Sharing, visit your AddThis dashboard and choose the position and shape of your buttons as well as the services to support. Once you click “Activate” the buttons will appear on all images across your site.


We will continue to add more services to Image Sharing so be sure to check the dashboard after you’ve activated your buttons.

Ready to get started? Click here to activate Image Sharing, or check out the video tutorial below.

If you get stuck setting up your Image Sharing buttons you can contact

  • Is it possible to just add a short code to select images (within posts), that we want the sharing buttons to appear on? Use case: I don’t want share buttons automatically appearing on all images across my site, but I would love to add them to individual images I choose.

  • Public_Sense

    Without this functionality, this new feature is pretty useless to me. I can only imagine what my site would look like if EVERY image had the buttons!

  • Public_Sense

    I replied back to let you know that I found some new info! So I edited the first response.

  • Nice, did you find a way to accomplish what we’re looking for on the “select-which-images-get-share-buttons” front? Please link me!

  • It would be great if pressing the Pinterest button on image hover pins (shares) that image, but not always the featured image of the article.

  • unfairrobot


  • unfairrobot

    Good timing, I reckon. I see SumoMe are discontinuing their free plan for large sites, so some people will probably be in the market for new image sharing functionality…

  • If your site has a lot of pictures, it is clearly worth add

  • Thanks for your feedback. I’ve shared it with the team. The Pinterest button in the Image Sharing tool currently pulls the featured image based on OG tags. We’re looking into adjusting this so it shares the correct image.

  • Hi Ryan, in the settings for this tool under “Enclosing Element” you can specify the CSS class name for images where you want these buttons to appear. Feel free to reach out to help [at] addthis [dot] com if you’d like a hand getting this set up for your site.

  • Suresh Babu

    This is very good idea thanks i implemented in my blog

  • Thanks for the quick reaction! People who share on Pinterest would like to be able to pin different images (within an article) to different Pinterest boards. That’s why this functionality is crucial for your new Image Sharing tool. We hope to see this “fix” implemented as soon as possible.

  • Psottie

    good learnig point bro.

  • Happy to help! Please send an email to help [at] addthis [dot] com with the link to your site and our support team can assist.

  • Wow, yeah this is pretty crucial. It’s the whole point of the buttons.

  • This issue has now been fixed. Thanks for your patience!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    This is kind of pointless without Tumblr as a share option.

  • Angel Yo

    Noticed the fix some days ago. Thanks, much appreciated!

  • Angel Yo

    We are using AddThis Responsive Sharing Buttons and the new Image Sharing Tool on the same page. Unfortunately there is some incompatibility between the Image Sharing Tool and some Visual Composer plugin grids(which we use) on small mobile devices. We can’t fix this, so probably the only solution would be to stop the Image Sharing Tool from appearing on devices with smaller display resolutions. Is there a way to do this, but keep the Responsive Sharing Buttons?

  • Just checked with our support team on this. Can you shoot us an email at help [at] addthis [dot] com with a link to the site you’re working on? That way our support team can take a closer look at this for you to see what can be done.

  • Angel Yo

    Apologies for my late reply. I just sent a very detailed email.

  • Hi Matthew, by default the Image Share Tool appears on mobile as an arrow that users then click to show the different share options. However, if you have things on your site that open dynamically, this may interfere. Can you email our support team at with these details and the link to your site? Our support team will be able to take a closer look at your site and help you come up with the best solution. Thanks!

  • param

    Whats app share image is possible?

  • Not currently, but I’ll share your asking about it with the team.

  • Kathryn Dydecka

    HI, I hope you guys can add more services to this. I saw some tools that embed the AddThis to the image.
    I still use another code becasue they have Twitter, Tumbler and couple other big image places.

  • Hi Kathryn, thank you for your feedback. This is much appreciated as we continue to improve our share buttons. I’ll be sure to share your feedback with the team.

  • Hi Kathryn, would you mind please emailing me at christian [at] addthis [dot] com? I’d love to follow up with you more on this. Thanks!

  • retheesh

    HI, Is it possible to add ” VKontakte and “Odnoklassniki” with the current social medias for share images? thank you

  • retheesh

    Hi, Is it possible to add “VK: and “OK” to the plugin for image share? waiting for your reply


  • Dermot

    We can’t seem to use the share image option with the icons defaulted to ‘on’ (they seem to default to rollover state). Is is possible to have them on permanently. Also, is Twitter in the pipeline for image share?

  • Hi Dermot, unfortunately it’s not possible to set those buttons to remain always-on within the settings. You’re correct that they’re set to only appear on hover or click. In terms of adding Twitter, this is something we’ve heard from several users, but we’re unable to share a date at the moment for when this will be available.

  • 顾云翔

    why not support image sharing to twitter?

  • Tamala Johnson

    Any update on when Twitter will be supported as a sharable image service?

  • Vajaah Parker

    When I click any of the image share links on this page, it shares the same image to Facebook. Am I missing something or is there another demo of this functionality?

  • Hi Tamala, unfortunately we do not. For the time being, we’re supporting Pinterest, Yummly, Facebook, email and image URL sharing.

  • Kirti Poddar

    Hi. Not sure if this issue has been noticed or rectified. I checked this page and the same image is being shared. This makes it unusable for any page that has more than one image.

    The photo share could be a cool feature if this issue can rectified.