SEO and Website Optimization Strategies

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User interface designers work with text, form fields and other visual elements to build engaging product experiences. Technical considerations such as performance, however, also play a large role in how a visitor perceives a website and, by extension, a brand.

For this month’s NoVA UX meetup Matt Chwat, Director of User Experience at ThinkGeek and CIO Steve Weiskircher discussed SEO and performance optimization strategies that their team has developed to make a success.

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Their talk covered a basic overview of SEO, and quick wins at achieving good SEO results with Google webmaster tools, sitemaps, meta data and schema tagging. Matt provided examples of how keeping code clean, unique, and purposeful all contribute to driving good SEO results.

Steve and Matt also dug into performance considerations, and how their team fixed 15 years of platform bloat and page speed issues using full page caching and Edge Server Includes through Fastly CDN.

A few lucky attendees took home some fun gifts from ThinkGeek!

For more details, check out Matt’s slides and a video of the talk. If you’d like to join us at a future event, speak at or sponsor a meetup, check out the NoVA UX meetup page or follow us on Twitter.