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  • I agree because this is very important one. In the middle of our work when we saw our analytic got shocked. Because mobile is the second medium which brings more traffic so after desktop i should concentrate with mobile also there is a chance to overcome the mobile visitors than desktop.
    The reason is,
    If we took a desktop to browse something need turn on the desktop or laptop. It takes some time to booting up. Then took some additional time to connect with the internet. The browser took sometime. This is the reason people will choose mobile over than desktop. So we decided to make our website mobile friendly with users. We don’t have that much of time to prepare a mobile CSS and we are not that much knowledgeable persons in coding. So we did something listed below
    #1.Remove the unwanted text areas in mobile only
    #2.Optimize images for mobile because when we add the resolution as height and width as some values it won’t work so we choose height=100% like our AddThis
    #3.Also remove some images on mobile
    #4.Then make some place changes for some images. For sample an call to action button placed on the left side of the scree but in mobile we change that like AddThis Share option in the bottom side of the screen.
    #5.After that some users don’t have a time to read our contents they need to register immediately. But in our case our forms are placed in the footer section of our website. So it makes more time to scroll down so we placed two buttons at the top of content as 1. Register 2.Get more knowledge
    Like this we did a lot after that we saw there are lot of traffics and conversions done through mobile
    Like this if each and every one make their website as a mobile friendly one it will increase user experience and more sales

  • WOW Brindha, thanks for sharing your case with us.

    We agree with you about that we should clone the CTA buttons in Top & Bottem on website. But, not all mobile traffic are great and I guess that the light websites like funny stuff or just content posts (only words) and one or two CTA/Links, are should focus on mobile traffic, but other websites shouldn’t care about the mobile traffic (it’s bad and worthless).

    Like that page here, (I guess) you used PC/Laptop to write your comment and me too, used Laptop, because smartphones didn’t offer alot of options to make many actions.

    Thanks Christian Brink (the author) for this great tips and for Brindha too to share here case.

  • Awesome..thank you very much for share.

  • Hi Ajay, great question! We actually have an article on the do’s and don’ts of share buttons, and placement is part of that. You can learn more here:

  • This post is so informative for me . Content optimization is easy through mobile.

  • Chris,
    This go mobile first is awesome, Am now trying too. In the past days am using ShareThis. Then now am trying to use AddThis but the problem is loading speed. When am testing my site speed with GtMetrix it shows add this running a script. Am searching something about this. Finally somebody says Google Tag Manager will solve this. So the AddThis works with Google Tag Manager?? Can you please guide me how to setup AddThis with Google Tag Manager?? Now am stopped AddThis. But i need that so soon send me some idea about this.

    Thank You Chris.

  • Hello! You can add our tools using Google Tag Manager if you insert our main JS code (addthis_widget) into a custom HTML tag within GTM. You can learn more about this here: If you need a hand with any of this, feel free to email our support team at help [at] addthis [dot] com.

  • vayamtech

    I agree with this article. In desktop design, we can use many animations on images, content etc. but in case of mobile, we should use sleek, simple designs, avoid unwanted area, content etc. Today, 90% users are browsing with their mobiles so for generating more traffic mobile layout is most important.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • But, I think it doesn’t go with the e-commerce website. People tend to buy from desktop instead which is more secure.

  • Very helpful and practical. Thanks for sharing.

  • First is mobile because of the overload of elements, in mobile can not see overload and that is why one of the great advantages that deriban in the speed of the web.

  • I shared this article with a lot of my clients and explained to them how important mobile is and has become. Mobile is what we outline our design around and we stress why we do this. Thanks for the article.

  • Very interesting article, interesting when they really bring this mobile friendly.

  • I recommend using “Automatic” when choosing which sharing services to highlight in the Floating Share Bar. This means your visitors will see the sharing services they use most often, which increases the chances of engagement. I would also start with the default number of five sharing services (the AddThis expanded menu button included) displayed at a time.