4 Reasons You Should Care About Page Speed

We’ve recently made big strides in making our tools even lighter and faster, to do our part towards helping your site perform as smoothly as it can.

So outside of our tools, why should you care if your pagespeed isn’t up to snuff?

When writing about the importance of pagespeed, it’s hard to know exactly where to start. How quickly your page loads affects literally every aspect of your website, from your visitor’s experience to the accuracy of your analytics. One thing is for certain, if you care about how your website performs for any metric, pagespeed will always be on your short-list of optimizations.

Here are 4 big reasons why reasons you should care how quickly your page loads.

1. All bounce means no bite
Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. If your page takes ages to load, your audience will get impatient and bounce. All of your hard work, no matter how amazing, will go to waste if no one sticks around long enough to see it. Kissmetrics has done extensive analysis on how load times affect visitor behavior, and note that just a 1 second delay in load times can drop conversion by 7%. Now imagine that 7% multiplied by every step in your conversion funnel. Small time frames can mean big losses when everything is taken into consideration.

For tips on how to make your page load faster, read:

2. Mobile matters more than ever
In 2016, we saw a growth in mobile internet traffic top reach 56% of all traffic. That means it’s more likely your audience is visiting your page on their phones or tablet, with smaller screen sizes and slower download rates than those visiting via desktop.What happens when you’re using a slower device to download the same amount? It takes longer, sometimes much longer.

To mitigate this problem, start by understanding what it means to create a site for mobile:

3. SEO competition is increasing
Search engines are continually evolving their algorithms to account for competition and changes in the online landscape. Google recently announced that pagespeed on mobile will be a contributing factor to SEO rankings.That’s not all, though. Even on desktop, pagespeed plays a part in your ranking. How much of a role? No one is quite sure, but trends have indicated that page speed matters most when going after competitive terms and is unlikely to derail or harm the average campaign. That means the more competitive your SEO strategy is, the more likely it is that you need to consider your load times.

To learn more about SEO and how you can optimize your rankings, read:

4. You can’t track what you can’t see
Finally, what if your audience was abandoning your site in droves, but you never even knew it? How do you fix a problem if you don’t even know one exists? Plugins can bring tons of functionality to your site, but not all are as streamlined as your AddThis tools. Poor or outdated plugins can dramatically slow down your site, and give you warped analytics (by firing too late to record a visitor before they bounce).Be sure to keep tabs on how many plugins you have running on your site, and make sure they provide a value that is equal to any impact on your performance. We’re confident in the performance of our tools, but we’re going to keep working on making them better on our side.

If you stay on top of your website’s performance, you’re not only doing a service in the moment but also helping maintain all of the systems you’ve set up down-funnel.

Stay tuned for additional releases and improvements from AddThis, or login to your Dashboard to make changes to your existing tools.

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  • Very informative content.

  • Thank you for this informative post. I have tried many methods to increase page speed, but I couldn’t solve the browser cache problem.

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  • From 80 points, i really dont care about it anymore. It’s very dificult to improve it too much without lose some user experience.

  • I have improved my website load speed to a great extent but after one point its nearly impossible. I have seen a difference In my ranking and bounce rate.

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    Hm.. this a joke?

    Addthis was responsible for 60% of total page load time and 250kb..? Ergh.. You seriously need to rethink the code.

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    A lot of customers ask us why their PageSpeed grade isn’t higher, or they assume that because it didn’t increase a lot, it must mean WP Rocket isn’t making their site faster.The simple truth is your google page speed score does not matter and what matter is the purpose of WP Rocket is to make your site faster.
    Speed, i.e the loading time of your site is the most important metric. This is what counts for user experience and for SEO. When the Google bot crawls your site, it cannot see your “grade”, only your speed.

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  • Thank you for this informative post. I have tried many methods to increase page speed, and i’m very confuse between google page speed and Gt Matrix tool. Both are showing huge difference in page speed, but now i’m using only Google Page speed.

  • Everyone should take care of website speed. Visitor love it. Thank you sharing.

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    Exactly … and I do not know why you did not change anything in your code since last update from 2 months ago … you slowed down my page for 1 second … from 0.8 seconds to 1.8 seconds
    When you will solve this problem?

  • Thanks for informative post. My blog bounce rate is high. I think page loading time is responsible.

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  • Page speed makes a massive difference to the user experience. Improve it and the client retention will increase

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  • Competition is increasing day by day. So focusing on page loading speed is must necessary. Thanks for providing information for increasing page load speed.

  • Page speed depends on page size and total image content. Reducing page speed leads to get more bounce rate.

  • Yeah, but we should need to consider user engagement as well. Only Text doesn’t matter. If you ad Attractive images, videos and related engaging stuff, the user will stay more and it’s really helpful for your Website :)

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