New for 2017: A Lighter, Faster AddThis

We heard from publishers and developers alike that pagespeed was a big concern in 2016. In keeping with the New Year’s tradition, it’s clear we needed to drop some excess weight.

Our own devs have been hitting the code-gym for months, and we’re proud of the progress made towards making our code lighter, faster, and most importantly to help lower your site’s bounce rates.

New *LIVE* Improvements:

  • Reduced the size of the Javascript for the average user by over 10%, down to 217KB
  • Removed query strings from static resources
  • Improved minification, improving HTML score of 99 to 100 (per GTMetrix)
  • Bundled even more popular requests

Read “5 Tips for Making Your Website Load Faster” to build on this progress and learn why these changes will impact your site’s speed.

Also, we’ve heard from both sides on the debate over adding an async tag. Soon there will be an option during installation to specify whether you want the async tag in your code or not. This will give you even more control over how the code impacts your site performance, sign up to be in the know!

Haven’t tinkered with your toolset lately? Start 2017 out right by adding a new tool, or customizing your tools for a fresh look and feel. Login now to get started.

Happy New Year,

The AddThis Team