Send Email Campaigns Fearlessly with this Preflight Checklist

The following is a guest post by Andrea Robbins at Campaign Monitor.

Clicking send for an email campaign can be a nerve-wracking experience. Many questions, doubts — and yes — even a little fear run through the minds of even the most seasoned marketers. Are there typos that were missed? Do all of the links work? Will readers be engaged and respond to the email? To help alleviate the send fear and avoid the most common email errors, Campaign Monitor is happy to share this email campaign preflight checklist. It covers each part of an email, like subject line and links, and also helps with other aspects of a send that you may not have thought about like testing and analytics.

Email Campaign Preflight Checklist - Infographic by Campaign MonitorTo further help with email marketing, AddThis has a handy list building integration for Campaign Monitor users, which is easy to customize and mobile-friendly. When visitors sign up for your email newsletter with the AddThis List Building Tool, their information is automatically added to your Campaign Monitor subscriber list, saving you the work of adding it manually.

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