[Case Study] Magoosh Increases Audience Engagement with AddThis Website Tools

Customizable and mobile-friendly, the List Building Tool is one of the easiest, most effective ways for marketers to increase conversion and engagement rates with their target audiences. By leveraging list building that feeds directly into your funnel, the List Building Tool is highly effective at seamlessly capturing your audience.

There are three List Building Tool options: Popup, slider, and banner.

When you really want to grab your reader’s attention, a popup is the way to go. They are customizable and appear when and where you want. The email addresses collected feed right into your email marketing system.

The list-building slider allows you to collect email addresses and other information directly from your site. Just like it sounds, slider “slides” in as you scroll and doesn’t block your content. Your audience can subscribe without missing a beat, which results in a great user experience and email collection for marketers—a win-win.

Banners target your audience by sticking to the top or bottom of your page without blocking your content. They provide a quick, easy way for readers to hand over their details without detracting from why they’re on your site.

All three List Building Tools are designed for desktops, tablets, and mobile and can be customized to match your brand. Smart logic targets visitors, making this an effective list-building tool that prioritizes email collection.

This all sounds great, right—so how do you do it? Just ask the marketers at online test prep company, Magoosh. They used AddThis publisher tools and increased their blog-to-site conversion from 4 percent to 10 percent in 30 days.

Kristen Fracchia, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Magoosh, details the results they achieved. “With one of our newer blogs, we have been able to boost blog-to-site conversion from under 4 percent to nearly 10 percent in 30 days,” she explains. “This is, in part, thanks to AddThis lightbox, which currently converts at 6 percent, and the banner, which converts at 1.2 percent. The easy A/B testing interface allows us to perform copy iterations that quickly improve this metric.”

With AddThis publisher tools, you can optimize and build lists (and so much more) with the click of a button.