ICYMI: AddThis Article Round-Up May 2018


Can you believe it’s already June? Time is flying so fast, we’re worried you may have overlooked some of the very valuable information we put out this month. That is why it’s time for May’s installment of In Case You Missed It!


5 Ways to Get More Leads on Mobile

One of our guest posts this month talks about how you can convert your users on the ever-growing mobile medium. It’s time to think beyond the desktop browser!


f8 2018 Recap

Our Product Manager went to Facebook’s big conference and has all the details on this year’s big trends and what everyone was buzzing about.


Introducing the New AddThis Tool Configurator

We launched a brand new tool configurator for you to easily customize your AddThis tools. It’s a breeze to navigate and looks pretty, too. Make sure you check it out.


3 Things Great Websites Have in Common

User experience is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to building your website. Are you paying attention to what the best of the best are doing?


7 Ways to Improve Your WordPress SEO

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there and is a favorite of many AddThis users. So, we’re committed to giving publishers the tools and tips they need to see success with their WordPress site. This month, we talk about search engine strategy.


What Are HTTP Cookies?

Be warned: this post might make you hungry. We cover the basics of what browser cookies are and what role they are playing as you travel across the web.


GDPR and AddThis: Your Questions Answered!

If you haven’t heard about GDPR, can we join you under that rock? All jokes aside, we breakdown the answers to all the most frequently asked questions we’ve been hearing from AddThis users.


The Advantages of Google AMP

Have you heard about the Accelerated Mobile Project? We’re bullish on it and are sharing all our knowledge about what it means for the future of web browsing.