Email Marketing Mistakes That Will Frighten You


All email marketers know that feeling right before (or after) clicking send: Did I make a mistake? There are few worse feelings than realizing an error right after an email is sent.

The good news is you aren’t alone in sending out an embarrassing or incorrect email. Always remember to put your email mistake in perspective. Misspell a word? At least you didn’t email the entire freshman applicant pool of more than 46K students, instead of just the 18K who were admitted to the University of California, San Diego. Use the wrong subject line? Not as bad as the New York University student who accidentally hit reply all on an email to 40K people.

The best way to avoid making email mistakes is to develop a process that safeguards you and your emails against errors. Here are a few tips to help ensure your emails go out as intended.

  1. Always have someone else check your email spelling and grammar. A fresh set of eyes, especially by a trained copy editor, is always more capable of finding errors than doing it yourself. If you don’t have anyone to proofread your emails, websites such as can act as an extra layer of editing.
  1. Check how your emails render across various platforms and devices. Email testing programs, such as Litmus, can easily do a test for you to review how everything looks on mobile, desktop and even Outlook 2003.
  1. Refresh, recount and double-check your segment. Having a second set of eyes here also is helpful. Make sure your segment contains only who you want it to, and that the number of subscribers within your segment matches who you have sent to historically.
  1. Make sure your email service provider (ESP) settings are correct. Everything from your subject line, to your rate of delivery, time of send and your sender name should be reviewed ahead of every send. The more powerful ESP you use, the more moving parts there are to increase your chance of making a mistake.

Every email program features a different process for completing and proofing emails. Whether it is a checklist, a QA team, leadership approval or all of the above, finding a process that lets you have confidence in your sends is the key to avoiding an email meltdown.

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This is a post by Scott Posilkin, email & engagement marketing manager for Oracle Data Cloud.