AddThis Publishers and Consent Under GDPR


AddThis has compiled helpful information to assist publishers in using the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (IAB Framework) and we want to provide you some details on how to implement consent management tools for your sites.

Why are we doing this? We’re sure you’ve heard of GDPR. But, as a reminder, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is an important new law with comprehensive privacy and security requirements intended to strengthen and unify data protection in the European Union.

Taking advantage of the IAB Framework may help you comply with GDPR. It is a cross-industry effort intended to help publishers, 3rd party technology vendors, and advertisers meet the transparency, user choice and consent requirements of GDPR. The IAB Framework is designed to enable publishers to collect user consents and transmit consent signals to third parties.


GDPR and Consent Management Providers – Tips for Publishers

Our Customer Experience team has assembled the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about GDPR, here.

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If your website’s consent tool does not integrate with the IAB Framework, below are a few free tools you might consider. You can find the official list of supporting consent tools on the IAB website.


1. Free Tools

Below are a few examples of available consent tools. When selecting your consent management provider, review its options and functionality to ensure it meets your compliance needs.


Sourcepoint – Sourcepoint’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) provides website publishers with a flexible way to develop and deploy consent messages in a matter of minutes.  The Sourcepoint consent tool grows with you as your needs evolve, from deploying simple consent messages to designing sophisticated user experiences quickly and easily. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how you can set up Sourcepoint on your site.


Quantcast – In addition to providing a consent tool, Quantcast also offers a calculator. Answer a few questions about your site and advertising volume today, and they’ll give you an estimate of the revenue at risk if you don’t obtain valid consumer consent to set cookies. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how you can set up Quantcast on your site.


OneTrust – OneTrust offers a free trial of their online platform that includes access to their new Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance tool, Readiness Assessments, DPIA/PIA Assessments, Data Mapping Automation and other features. To start a free, 14-Day OneTrust Trial, complete the form at this link and a member of their team will reach out. Learn more about OneTrust >


The CMP comes with support for 25 languages, individual Designs, Reporting, integrated A/B-testing & Design Optimizer as well as an integrated Cookie-Crawler. As one of the few CMP-Companies that are based in Europe we are dedicated in making your website GDPR-compliant. We do not use any “Cloud-Servers” but only own servers in Datacenters in Europe. Our clients include Newspapers, Advertising agencies and Networks.


2. Consent and Privacy Notice

We advise all of our publishers to seek legal advice on how to set up their consent tool and privacy notice. Below, we highlight two key practices that all AddThis publishers should adhere to.

1. Consent: You need to prevent the collection of data on your website until the visitor affirmatively provides “opt-in” consent to data collection (via cookies or similar technologies) for the various specified purposes (i.e. a website visitor has the option to select or “tick” the purposes for which they want their data to be used).

2. Privacy notice: You need to clearly explain the purposes for which you (and third parties) collect data from visitors of your website and who you share the data with. These purposes must also be disclosed via your consent tool.

3. Check out our blog post:GDPR and Frequently Asked Questions for Publishers” for information on GDPR and for details on how the AddThis Tools interact with your website.

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The information presented here may not be construed or used as legal advice about the content, interpretation, or application of any law, regulation, or regulatory guideline. Customers and prospective customers must seek their own legal counsel to understand the applicability of any law or regulation on their processing of personal data, including through the use of any vendor’s products or services.