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Stop Losing Traffic From A/B Testing

Stop-Losing-Traffic-From-A/B-TestingThe best websites have mastered A/B testing, but they’re still leaving a lot of performance on the table. A/B testing without personalization is like peanut butter without jelly. If option A wins a test with 60% of your audience, the other 40% of your audience who preferred option B are left out in the cold when you take it away from them. That’s a bummer and your one-size-fits all website is doing a big disservice to a large chunk of your audience. With personalization you can have the best of both worlds by showing each visitor what they want most. Your visitors will have a more engaging experience and you’ll smile when you log into your analytics dashboard and see the results.

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Beefing Up The Team

Here at AddThis, we see a great opportunity in front of us. We want to take the great breadth and depth of AddThis’ knowledge and insight about how people use the Web and make online experiences more engaging. Companies need to be able to use their Web sites to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their visitors. We’re building tools to enable this and hiring a team that can make this vision a reality. Continue reading

Personalization Pitfalls and How to Fix Them

Personalization—applied properly—can turn a regular website visit into a serendipitous experience. Think of how you felt the first time you heard your favorite song. If you have good content, then you probably have pages on your site that will give your visitors that same feeling.


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Streamline Your Site With Personalization

Web sites want to maximize engagement, but it’s hard to guess what each visitor will want to read or buy.  Pixels are cheap, so many sites approach this question by adding widget after widget, hoping that a user will find one they want to click on. This is the shotgun approach to boosting engagement. The problem with it is that user attention is expensive, and each additional widget distracts them from your content, products and ads.

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Keeping It Simple with URL Design for RESTful Web Services

The following is a guest post by AddThis VP of Engineering, Charlie Reverte, posted today at To read the rest of the blog post, click here to go over to their site.

URL design discussions for RESTful web services often degrade into debates over pluralization and parameter names. There are a couple of principles I like to use to keep things simple. Continue reading

Service Outage

We had a network outage for several hours yesterday afternoon (US time).  Our buttons continued to serve into web pages but sharing was down and our website, analytics, and web services were unavailable.  We truly apologize for the outage.  We want to be a critical part of your social infrastructure and we can’t keep your trust unless our service is always available.  We take this responsibility very seriously.  The root cause was an administrative error by one of our service providers and we’ve made changes to reduce the risk of further network outages.

Scheduled Downtime for

UPDATE: we’ve held back one more day for preparation, the site outage will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, July 26th between 5AM EDT and 7AM EDT (9 AM to 11 AM GMT). Thanks for your patience!

Hey everybody! We’re performing some database upgrades tomorrow, we’ve scheduled downtime for our site on Tuesday, July 26th between 5AM EDT and 7AM EDT (9 AM to 11 AM GMT). The following services will be unavailable during this window:
The support forums

Sharing will still be available and analytics will still be collected. We’ll be updating our status page ( to let everyone know what’s going on during this move.

Thanks in advance for your patience and for using AddThis!

Viral Click Tracking for All

AddThis click tracking is a powerful feature that allows you to measure the amount of traffic and viral lift you get from social sharing. By appending a tag to your shared URLs we can tell you which social networks send you the most clicks and what content is most viral. Click tracking is hugely popular and has been deployed by over half of our users since launch a year ago.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out click tracking as a default feature for all users (you may already be using it). You don’t have to do anything to turn it on and you’ll start seeing click and viral lift data in your analytics dashboard. We’re going to use this data to provide you with more detailed traffic source reporting in the near future. Click tracking data is also used to optimize your content feeds which help recirculate traffic within your site.


To learn more about how click tracking works, including how to turn it off, take a look at the click tracking docs.

Happy sharing and please visit our forum if you have any questions.